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All About Our WordPress

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All About Our WordPress For The Men’s Shed

All about our WordPress, It only dawned on me the other day when I visited Dave Corbett ( Chairman ) of our Mens Shed, Elermore Vale Men’s Shed, that not everybody is use to navigating their way around the front of WordPress, so I am going to explain what everything you can see, while you are reading this. You can hit the back arrow if you click on the links in this page. Top of the site is all our pages, they have lots of information in them, and they are :- Read the rest…

Minutes For March

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Minutes For March 2012 Elermore Vale Men’s Shed

A meeting was held at the Elermore Vale Men’s Shed on  7th March AT 7 pm.

Minutes from meeting .

Before the meeting started Darryl Lewis gave a 30 minute talk on safety in the shed
and home, he touched on electrics e.g. safety switches, extensions leads, tagging
and keeping a register of the tags.

Asbestos was the next subject, use caution when working with it, a P2 face mask
must be worn and damped the area when drilling or cutting the area.
Darryl also talked about various planning laws including the new roof guttering

The meeting thanked Darryl for his interesting talk, and he offered to help with his
cousin with the setup of the Band Saw when it arrives.

1 Read minutes of last meeting. Read the rest…

Elermore Vale Community Centre

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Elermore Vale Community Centre – Who Are They

Elermore Vale Community Centre have been a great help for our shed. They have provided a place for us to put our sheds, and they take messages for us, Elermore Vale Community Centre do lots of work for community, Neighbour Aid  (02) 4951 8083 hold their meetings in the Centre, and run functions for the elderly in the Centre. To see all the activities at Elermore Vale Community Centre go to the link.
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Men’s Sheds – Are They For You

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Men’s Sheds Are All Over The world!

Men’s Sheds – Are they for you, the answer is more than likely yes! Men work all their lives and suddenly they are retired from the workforce. Whether it is by design or by accident, you have suddenly stopped working, you where very use to getting up 5 days a week and going to work. Many men find that they don’t cope very well, with suddenly lots of time on their hand, and sometimes depression can sneak up on them.

This is where Men’s Sheds can help you. They  have lots of activities to do and lots of good friends to be made, check out what do we do in our shed and see what we are up to. Men’s Sheds have taken off all over the world, here is one article from the United Kingdom, about Men In Sheds. Another media presentation about men in sheds and mens needs, is shown in this video.
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