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Charity Donation

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Charity Donation Appeal

Charity donation appeal for our community projects, help to support our charity and donate to our Men’s Shed. We are looking for company sponsors and members of the community to give us a charity donation for our shed. We do all kinds of charitable things for our community. We fix things for the elderly and help the disabled when they need something repaired or installed. If you have no family support then that is where we come into help support those that are needy. Our organisation also does community support in our shed with mentoring men who mens health issues, everything from depression to men recovering after a stroke. We are supportive of each other. We have many men who are qualified tradesmen and they show the other men how to do things. All donations over $2.00 in Australia is tax deductible. To be honest I am not sure about other countries polices are on donating to an Australian non profit charity. Read the rest…

Friday Barbeque Update

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Friday Barbeque Popular

Friday barbeque is going well with a visitor from Macleay Island, Gary from Bay Islands Men’s Shed came along to the Friday barbeque, he was on holidays and wanted to visit a few of the Men’s Sheds in our area. We made an offer to him to help build a website for the Bay Islands Men’s Shed and he said he would take the idea back to his committee group. There where also to staff from Robert Crawford Real Estate at the Friday barbeque. Robert Crawford real estate is a company sponsor of our Men’s Shed and they take a very active interest in our community activities, they are Newcastle real estate specialists, Vlado Zvicer (Sales Manager) and Mathew Webb are both very interested in what we do for charity. Robert Crawford was unable to attend due to business commitments on the day. Read the rest…

New Version Internet Launched

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New Version Internet Launched June

New version Internet has been launched on June 6th, I should say larger version, I found the news mind-boggling and wanted to share the news with our Men’s Shed. I am showing my age, people keep asking me how big is the Internet and I would reply about 2 billion web address’s, I think I am showing my age a bit. This Video explains what happened 2 days ago. It blew me away. and has changed my thinking style a lot.
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Men’s Shed Metal Shop

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Men’s Shed Metal Shop Newcastle

At the Men’s Shed metal shop we have a few different things happening, we are building wheel barrow wheels for when our blokes in the wood shed need them. One of our blokes decided to build a wind mill out of aluminium the oter day and it goes like a rocket in the high winds today. Our resident blacksmith is working on making the wheels in the Men’s Shed metal shop and other men are busy building wind chimes.

Some times we fix toys and doing all the activities, help us with any mens health issues. We are supportive of each other and mentor those that are less skilled. Our trades men for the Men’s Shed metal shop are an electrician (Adrian) who is very skilled, a boiler maker (Dave Corbett) who has done lots of welding projects for our Men’s Shed. Your truly, I am a qualified fitter and turner. These are just some of our tradesmen who are in the Men’s Shed metal shop, we heaps more tradesmen in our woodwork shed.
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Robert Crawford Real Estate – Charity

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Robert Crawford Real Estate Sponsors Charity Supporters

Robert Crawford Real Estate have decided to get behind our charity, Elermore Vale Men’s Shed. The business owner Robert Crawford has seen the need to be supportive of our local community projects and has offered financial support to our local Men’s Shed. This action will greatly help improve our needs to be able to offer more support to the elderly and disabled in our community. The needs of the shed are many and varied, more equipment is needed so we can carry on this work, with Robert Crawford Real Estate now backing our activities, many different projects can go ahead.
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Free Woodwork Patterns

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Free Woodwork Patterns For Men’s Sheds

Free woodwork patterns are a great idea. Men’s Sheds are always on the lookout for good free woodwork patterns. This site Free Woodworking Plan have mountains of really great plans and patterns to choose from. There list of things to build are very extensive and I hope you enjoy their free woodwork patterns. This one from Better Homes and Gardens is full of PDF patterns you can download and print out.Would you like to build your own wood fired oven, great for those pizzas, I can almost smell them cooking now.

Plan ahead on what you want to build, start out with easy free woodwork patterns and work your way up to the hard ones. We like to build bird boxes, and I have noticed in one of those sites a bee hive. Our Men’s shed keep native bees to pollinate our beautiful gardens. Now if you like bird houses, you may like 50 bird houses, with 7 pages of different bird houses to build for the free woodworking patterns.
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Sponsored Barbeque Big Success!

Posted on May 30, 2012 with 1 Comment
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Sponsored Barbeque Elermore Vale Fruit Bowl

Our sponsored barbeque held on the 29/05/2012 went without a  hitch, even the persistent misty rain didnt damper the great time had by all, using a couple of well placed tarps  shielded us from the wind and rain, we held it under the new shelter amongst the plants trees and gardens and it worked out fantastic.

We had a large group of our members plus our special invited guests including Eric from the Elermore Vale Fruit Bowl who kindly sponsored the barbeque, Our shed would like to personally thank Eric, Anton and Amanda for their wonderful support of our shed, one way we can as a community support these guys is by visiting and purchasing your fruit and vegetables from their shop in the Centre.
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How To Start Up A Men’s Shed

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How To Start Up A Men’s Shed In Your Local Area

One of the best ways to start up a Men’s Shed is to get local interest happening in your area. Put a posters in local shopping centres and do letter box drops to get more noticed. You can get your local clubs and other charity groups interested in helping you start up a Men’s Shed. If you are looking for professional support to help you start up a Men’s Shed then I would recommend you contact the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA). They can assist you with how to get started forming a Men’s Shed in your local area. The AMSA offer a manual that can help you get going and offers you ideas to do what is needed to start up a Men’s Shed. There is no cost involved in joining the AMSA, but you will need to get insurance to help protect your new members and this is where the association can help you. They have a national insurance policy that no other insurance company could possible hope to match. Read the rest…

Mens Shed Communications

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Mens Shed Communications Between Sheds

Men’s shed communications is very important to all Mens Sheds. The question is why is this so important, and the answer is simple. Online communications for Mens Sheds whether you belong to a national association or just a independent Men’s Shed. Here is why it is so important.

Using the online forum for Men’s Sheds is important, tell people about your Men’s Shed, what you do, when you meet, and how many days a week you are open, is all important information you want to get out there online. Sell yourself, let people know what you are all about. Advertise your up and coming events. Nobody else is going to do this for you.

Mens Shed Software Communications

Using software communications to talk to other Men’s Sheds is easy enough to do. Just download Skype and find other Mens Sheds on Skype to talk with. My personal skype address is bill.ray2575, you are welcome to call me or just text me if you install Skype. I am happy to share information, this is what they call networking. Read the rest…

Company Sponsorship

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Company Sponsorship – Men’s Shed

Company sponsorship for our Men’s Shed would help us to keep our community projects going. We rely on donations, grants and company sponsorship to help keep us going. Our Men’s Shed is only fairly new and we are seeking your help. We have many different projects and lots of different activities for the men in our shed. We are in need of a metal lathe, our woodturning activities is well under way. We don’t sit back waiting for hand outs, our activities in our sheds have us making things and selling them so we can then put the money back into charitable projects.

If you would like to be a company sponsor for us, we will include your company on our website to show recognition of what we do with your support. Also we would display advertising on our fences at our Men’s Shed to show your support for us. We have a few companies that sponsor us and proudly wear their logo on our T Shirts. We do this for any corporate sponsorship. Read the rest…