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Gardening Services

Posted on May 18, 2012 with No Comments
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Gardening Services – Our Shed

Gardening services for our shed is there for the elderly and disabled. We need to point out that we do not do this for any person . Only if you have no family support or lack of finance do we come out on a once off to help you with the mowing. Sorry about this but our service is run by volunteers and we don’t try to compete or deprive our local companies of any work. If you have family that can do your lawn or can afford to pay to get it done, then we are not available to help you out. Being a non-profit charity we hope to get a small donation for the help we offer but it is not compulsory.
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Barbeques – Fridays

Posted on May 12, 2012 with 4 Comments
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Barbeques – Fridays A Success

Barbeques Fridays has been declared a success, and we are planning a lunch time barbeques every Friday at lunch time. Drew one of our members said it was a great idea to hold one every week, all work and no play does make us a bit boring. Mr Gary Rose from the Blue Gum Hills Mens Shed joined us for lunch on Friday and we invited him to come back again and bring other members from their Men’s Shed next time he came over to see us. It was suggested by Gary that we attend their next market day and we will bring this up at our next monthly meeting.
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Woodturning Classes Monday

Posted on May 12, 2012 with 3 Comments
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Woodturning Classes At The Shed

Scotty trying his hand at woodturning

Scotty trying his hand at woodturning

Woodturning Classes at the shed will begin on Monday 14th of May. Gordon Steele our Treasurer is a qualified wood turner and has a small group of us interested in learning how to make things on our newly donated lathe. Gordon has had many years of woodturning experience and plans to show us the basics of using the lathe. There are many safety tips to learn, especially from the woodturning classes. Techniques on how do different things work will be taught, here is an article on woodturning that you can read, to help improve us.

I will add a few videos for you to watch, on woodturning. using power tools like a wood lathe, need to be used with complete safety practice.
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Support Online Shed

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Support Online Shed Information

You can support online shed for our website by going over to the left had side of this site and filling out the Subscribe here details with your e-mail address. You can also go down to the Meta section on the left hand side and registering with us as a subscriber, this shows the search engines that you support us. It will allow you to become a supporter of our site. Any new posts and pages will be posted out to you. There are only 3 administrators for this site, Dave Corbett (Chairman ) Allan Lewis ( Vice Chairman) and Bill Ray ( Public Relations Officer ). This does not stop you from send any of us an article that you may want to see posted. All good articles will be considered for posting online. Read the rest…

New Plants In Garden

Posted on April 28, 2012 with 2 Comments
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New Plants In The Garden

New plants have been put in the garden, I like the camellia bushes, there are many different colours planted all in a row, we have a lot of those in the new garden beds. We have many varieties of plants in the garden bed, members and visitors are welcome to come and look at the new plants and work in our community garden.

There are even native trees to planted in the bed, so come along and see all the new garden beds and plants. There are water features and a bird bath as well.
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May Meeting Held Over One Week

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May Meeting Put Back One Week

Our May monthly meeting which should be on 2nd of May will be held over until 9th May, somebody said the State of Origin is on.


So it is officially the 9th of May for this months meeting for the Elermore Vale Men’s Shed! See you all there! New members are welcome!

Latest News 06/04/2012

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This Weeks Men’s Shed News Articles!

News from all over, not just Australia, presented once a week! Snippets with links to the full article.

Monthly Update – Men’s Shed Activity

Posted on April 1, 2012 with No Comments
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Monthly Update – What IS Going On.

We have collected the dolls house from the mc caffety child care centre, hopefully we can restore and carry out needed repairs then a paint job will see it delivered back to the children like new.

Monthly Update April 2012, sees use with our chairman Dave Corbett going on holidays and he will be away for about 7 weeks on and off. Allan Lewis as vice chairman has taken over the chairman position while Dave is away. Our garden beds are almost completed, and work on the gazebo and arch ways is progressing well. More members calling in to help, could get all this finished in the next few weeks. Read the rest…

Mental Health Problems

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Mental Health Problems In Men

Mental health problems in men can be different than those that women can suffer with. More mature aged men may have worked for the past forty  to fifty years and suddenly, they reach retirement age and they stop work. For the next few months everything may seem alright, they get stuck in and catch on the jobs around the house and all seems well. They may even have a strong network of friends and acquaintances, and this is a very good thing. Then suddenly he starts to feel a bit down and it seems harder to get out of bed, and no matter how much he sleeps, he still feels tired all the time. Does all of this sound all to familiar. He may have a good relationship with a with a wife or partner, and his patients seems a bit short, yet he loves her very much. Read the rest…

Where Has All The News Gone

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Where Has All The News Gone

Well where has all the news gone, I have just been reminded not to reproduce news articles in verbatim form. I forgot about this. What is wrong with reproducing articles in our website. The answer is simple, but might amaze some members. If anybody reproduces an article then they are in breach of copyright, even if that website has a disclaimer for anybody to reproduce the material. I became aware of this problem when I noticed our website going backwards instead of forwards. Read the rest…