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Men’s Shed Metal Shop

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Men’s Shed Metal Shop Newcastle

At the Men’s Shed metal shop we have a few different things happening, we are building wheel barrow wheels for when our blokes in the wood shed need them. One of our blokes decided to build a wind mill out of aluminium the oter day and it goes like a rocket in the high winds today. Our resident blacksmith is working on making the wheels in the Men’s Shed metal shop and other men are busy building wind chimes.

Some times we fix toys and doing all the activities, help us with any mens health issues. We are supportive of each other and mentor those that are less skilled. Our trades men for the Men’s Shed metal shop are an electrician (Adrian) who is very skilled, a boiler maker (Dave Corbett) who has done lots of welding projects for our Men’s Shed. Your truly, I am a qualified fitter and turner. These are just some of our tradesmen who are in the Men’s Shed metal shop, we heaps more tradesmen in our woodwork shed.
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Mental Health Problems

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Mental Health Problems In Men

Mental health problems in men can be different than those that women can suffer with. More mature aged men may have worked for the past forty  to fifty years and suddenly, they reach retirement age and they stop work. For the next few months everything may seem alright, they get stuck in and catch on the jobs around the house and all seems well. They may even have a strong network of friends and acquaintances, and this is a very good thing. Then suddenly he starts to feel a bit down and it seems harder to get out of bed, and no matter how much he sleeps, he still feels tired all the time. Does all of this sound all to familiar. He may have a good relationship with a with a wife or partner, and his patients seems a bit short, yet he loves her very much. Read the rest…