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New Version Internet Launched

Posted by Dave Corbett on June 8, 2012 with No Comments as

New Version Internet Launched June

New version Internet has been launched on June 6th, I should say larger version, I found the news mind-boggling and wanted to share the news with our Men’s Shed. I am showing my age, people keep asking me how big is the Internet and I would reply about 2 billion web address’s, I think I am showing my age a bit. This Video explains what happened 2 days ago. It blew me away. and has changed my thinking style a lot.
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Sponsored Barbeque Big Success!

Posted by Dave Corbett on May 30, 2012 with 1 Comment as ,

Sponsored Barbeque Elermore Vale Fruit Bowl

Our sponsored barbeque held on the 29/05/2012 went without a  hitch, even the persistent misty rain didnt damper the great time had by all, using a couple of well placed tarps  shielded us from the wind and rain, we held it under the new shelter amongst the plants trees and gardens and it worked out fantastic.

We had a large group of our members plus our special invited guests including Eric from the Elermore Vale Fruit Bowl who kindly sponsored the barbeque, Our shed would like to personally thank Eric, Anton and Amanda for their wonderful support of our shed, one way we can as a community support these guys is by visiting and purchasing your fruit and vegetables from their shop in the Centre.
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How To Start Up A Men’s Shed

Posted by Dave Corbett on May 30, 2012 with No Comments as , ,

How To Start Up A Men’s Shed In Your Local Area

One of the best ways to start up a Men’s Shed is to get local interest happening in your area. Put a posters in local shopping centres and do letter box drops to get more noticed. You can get your local clubs and other charity groups interested in helping you start up a Men’s Shed. If you are looking for professional support to help you start up a Men’s Shed then I would recommend you contact the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA). They can assist you with how to get started forming a Men’s Shed in your local area. The AMSA offer a manual that can help you get going and offers you ideas to do what is needed to start up a Men’s Shed. There is no cost involved in joining the AMSA, but you will need to get insurance to help protect your new members and this is where the association can help you. They have a national insurance policy that no other insurance company could possible hope to match. Read the rest…

Mens Shed Communications

Posted by Dave Corbett on May 26, 2012 with No Comments as ,

Mens Shed Communications Between Sheds

Men’s shed communications is very important to all Mens Sheds. The question is why is this so important, and the answer is simple. Online communications for Mens Sheds whether you belong to a national association or just a independent Men’s Shed. Here is why it is so important.

Using the online forum for Men’s Sheds is important, tell people about your Men’s Shed, what you do, when you meet, and how many days a week you are open, is all important information you want to get out there online. Sell yourself, let people know what you are all about. Advertise your up and coming events. Nobody else is going to do this for you.

Mens Shed Software Communications

Using software communications to talk to other Men’s Sheds is easy enough to do. Just download Skype and find other Mens Sheds on Skype to talk with. My personal skype address is bill.ray2575, you are welcome to call me or just text me if you install Skype. I am happy to share information, this is what they call networking. Read the rest…

Gardening Services

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Gardening Services – Our Shed

Gardening services for our shed is there for the elderly and disabled. We need to point out that we do not do this for any person . Only if you have no family support or lack of finance do we come out on a once off to help you with the mowing. Sorry about this but our service is run by volunteers and we don’t try to compete or deprive our local companies of any work. If you have family that can do your lawn or can afford to pay to get it done, then we are not available to help you out. Being a non-profit charity we hope to get a small donation for the help we offer but it is not compulsory.
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Barbeques – Fridays

Posted by Dave Corbett on May 12, 2012 with 4 Comments as ,

Barbeques – Fridays A Success

Barbeques Fridays has been declared a success, and we are planning a lunch time barbeques every Friday at lunch time. Drew one of our members said it was a great idea to hold one every week, all work and no play does make us a bit boring. Mr Gary Rose from the Blue Gum Hills Mens Shed joined us for lunch on Friday and we invited him to come back again and bring other members from their Men’s Shed next time he came over to see us. It was suggested by Gary that we attend their next market day and we will bring this up at our next monthly meeting.
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Woodturning Classes Monday

Posted by Dave Corbett on May 12, 2012 with 3 Comments as , ,

Woodturning Classes At The Shed

Scotty trying his hand at woodturning

Scotty trying his hand at woodturning

Woodturning Classes at the shed will begin on Monday 14th of May. Gordon Steele our Treasurer is a qualified wood turner and has a small group of us interested in learning how to make things on our newly donated lathe. Gordon has had many years of woodturning experience and plans to show us the basics of using the lathe. There are many safety tips to learn, especially from the woodturning classes. Techniques on how do different things work will be taught, here is an article on woodturning that you can read, to help improve us.

I will add a few videos for you to watch, on woodturning. using power tools like a wood lathe, need to be used with complete safety practice.
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Support Online Shed

Posted by Dave Corbett on May 6, 2012 with No Comments as

Support Online Shed Information

You can support online shed for our website by going over to the left had side of this site and filling out the Subscribe here details with your e-mail address. You can also go down to the Meta section on the left hand side and registering with us as a subscriber, this shows the search engines that you support us. It will allow you to become a supporter of our site. Any new posts and pages will be posted out to you. There are only 3 administrators for this site, Dave Corbett (Chairman ) Allan Lewis ( Vice Chairman) and Bill Ray ( Public Relations Officer ). This does not stop you from send any of us an article that you may want to see posted. All good articles will be considered for posting online. Read the rest…

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New Plants In Garden

Posted by Dave Corbett on April 28, 2012 with 2 Comments
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New Plants In The Garden

New plants have been put in the garden, I like the camellia bushes, there are many different colours planted all in a row, we have a lot of those in the new garden beds. We have many varieties of plants in the garden bed, members and visitors are welcome to come and look at the new plants and work in our community garden.

There are even native trees to planted in the bed, so come along and see all the new garden beds and plants. There are water features and a bird bath as well.
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May Meeting Held Over One Week

Posted by Dave Corbett on April 18, 2012 with No Comments as

May Meeting Put Back One Week

Our May monthly meeting which should be on 2nd of May will be held over until 9th May, somebody said the State of Origin is on.


So it is officially the 9th of May for this months meeting for the Elermore Vale Men’s Shed! See you all there! New members are welcome!

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