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Machinery that we use in the shed, safety tips and how to use them.

Bench Grinder Safety

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Bench Grinder Safety – How To Use

Bench grinder safety is a very important topic, don’t just walk up to a bench grinder and switch it straight on. The last person to use the bench grinder may not have taken care of it properly and the first thing you need to do is to inspect the bench grinder to see if it safe to use.

What To Check Before Turning The Grinder On

  • with the power turned off at the wall, spin the wheel to make sure it turns freely.
  • make sure the resting post is as close as possible to the wheel without touching it.
  • If the machine has a safety shield is it in place.
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Band Saw Training

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Band Saw Training – Have You Qualified

Band saw training will commence in our Men’s Shed on Tuesday 19th June 2012. Have you qualified in the use of the band saw. Remember we are starting a register for those people who are qualified on different equipment. It is good work practice to get skilled mentoring support if you intend to use any of our power equipment, especially on the band saw. Gordon Steele will be running an introduction into the use of our band saw and if you are not a qualified tradesman then you will need to get the basics on how to use the band saw.

Free Woodwork Patterns

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Free Woodwork Patterns For Men’s Sheds

Free woodwork patterns are a great idea. Men’s Sheds are always on the lookout for good free woodwork patterns. This site Free Woodworking Plan have mountains of really great plans and patterns to choose from. There list of things to build are very extensive and I hope you enjoy their free woodwork patterns. This one from Better Homes and Gardens is full of PDF patterns you can download and print out.Would you like to build your own wood fired oven, great for those pizzas, I can almost smell them cooking now.

Plan ahead on what you want to build, start out with easy free woodwork patterns and work your way up to the hard ones. We like to build bird boxes, and I have noticed in one of those sites a bee hive. Our Men’s shed keep native bees to pollinate our beautiful gardens. Now if you like bird houses, you may like 50 bird houses, with 7 pages of different bird houses to build for the free woodworking patterns.
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Woodturning Classes Monday

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Woodturning Classes At The Shed

Scotty trying his hand at woodturning

Scotty trying his hand at woodturning

Woodturning Classes at the shed will begin on Monday 14th of May. Gordon Steele our Treasurer is a qualified wood turner and has a small group of us interested in learning how to make things on our newly donated lathe. Gordon has had many years of woodturning experience and plans to show us the basics of using the lathe. There are many safety tips to learn, especially from the woodturning classes. Techniques on how do different things work will be taught, here is an article on woodturning that you can read, to help improve us.

I will add a few videos for you to watch, on woodturning. using power tools like a wood lathe, need to be used with complete safety practice.
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