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Join Our Shed Now

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Join Our Shed For Men

Why join our shed, men from all walks of life are joining mens sheds all over the country. Socialising with other blokes is what the new trend is recommending. You can go down to your local men’s shed and have a cuppa and a chat. Men retiring from the work force tend to lose all their mates from work and need to go down to one of the local sheds and join in on the activities of a local men’s shed.

Retired Join Our Shed For activities

Join our shed now

Come on in and join our shed.

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Application Men’s Shed Form

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Application Men’s Shed Form And Community Centre

You can get an application form for Elermore Vale Men’s Shed (Mens Shed Elermore Vale) from our Men’s Shed or one from the Elermore Vale Community Centre.We don’t offer online applications, we prefer to interview you when you come in and see us. On the application form you will be asked what type of volunteer work would would you like to do:-

  • General duties
  • Social day Assistance
  • Shopping
  • Transport
  • Home Visiting
  • Telephone Calls
  • Men’s Shed
  • Gardening

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Support Online Shed

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Support Online Shed Information

You can support online shed for our website by going over to the left had side of this site and filling out the Subscribe here details with your e-mail address. You can also go down to the Meta section on the left hand side and registering with us as a subscriber, this shows the search engines that you support us. It will allow you to become a supporter of our site. Any new posts and pages will be posted out to you. There are only 3 administrators for this site, Dave Corbett (Chairman ) Allan Lewis ( Vice Chairman) and Bill Ray ( Public Relations Officer ). This does not stop you from send any of us an article that you may want to see posted. All good articles will be considered for posting online. Read the rest…

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