Community Project Activities

Community Project Activities In The Community

Where do We Do Charity Work For Our Local Community Projects.

Some of the community project activities we do in the community are charitable community acts. We work as a volunteer group and  do a lot of things for different places. If you are a non-profit charity in and around Elermore Vale, this includes most local suburbs around and near us, Wallsend, Cardiff, Cardiff South, New Lambton, Fletcher, Cameron Park, Rankin Park, Hillsborough to name just a few of our local suburbs.

What Do We Do In Our Community Project Activities.

Doing all kinds of small repairs and build things for our local community for a small donation. We have built chicken run extensions for a local primary school, helping a local retirement village to get their men a mini men’s shed up and going, they needed a mens activity at the village. Doing some repairs for a local child care centre who have need of some things fixed at their centre. Installed a raised garden beds for different community projects.  Or blokes like to do all kinds of different activities for different business’s in our local community. Working in our community garden is another one of our community project activities, we have lots of new plants in the garden and we need more gardeners to work on the community garden.  These are some of the things we do for our local community project activities.

How Do We Achieve Our Community Project Activities.

To achieve all of what our men’s shed does for our local community projects,people and business’s help us out with donations that we put back into local projects. People just show up at our shed and offer donations, or business’s sometimes come along to our Friday barbecue’s and find out more about us, and offer their support for what we do. Community support for activities are growing and as a qualified charity we apply for different government grants and non-profit grants to help fund the projects that we do. We sell things to our local community, things like bird nesting boxes and possum nesting boxes. Some of blokes make wooden clocks and wooden pens. They make all kinds of different things out of wood and metal. They even make stubby holders for people to buy. They build wood wheelbarrows for children and you can get them on Ebay or call into the shed and have  look. You can contact us and ask us if we can help you out. You can e-mail us or phone the shed and ask if we can help you out. One of our Community project activities

Why Do We Do These Community Project Activities.

The men of Elermore Vale Men’s Shed come from all different backgrounds, not all of our men go out into the community, some just come to the shed to help build things and other men come along just to have a cuppa and a chat, other blokes do community project activities in the field, they go and repair, install and fix things for the local community. All of this keeps us very busy, some are tradesmen and some are unqualified but far from being unskilled.

If you have some fee time and would like to join Elermore Vale Men’s Shed, call in and see us and have a cuppa at morning tea and find out what we are all about.

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Non profit charities like the men’s sheds do a lot of work for the community, we are very active with the community project activities, and we rely on community support to help keep us going. There is no profit in what we do, and no personal gain for any of us. So to help us keep going, join a men’s shed or give things that we need, or give us financial support to help keep it all going.

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