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Company Sponsorship – Men’s Shed

Company sponsorship for our Men’s Shed would help us to keep our community projects going. We rely on donations, grants and company sponsorship to help keep us going. Our Men’s Shed is only fairly new and we are seeking your help. We have many different projects and lots of different activities for the men in our shed. We are in need of a metal lathe, our woodturning activities is well under way. We don’t sit back waiting for hand outs, our activities in our sheds have us making things and selling them so we can then put the money back into charitable projects.

If you would like to be a company sponsor for us, we will include your company on our website to show recognition of what we do with your support. Also we would display advertising on our fences at our Men’s Shed to show your support for us. We have a few companies that sponsor us and proudly wear their logo on our T Shirts. We do this for any corporate sponsorship.

Finding company sponsorship is not easy and it is not charity, so we endeavour to find companies to help back us on the charity work we do. Backing us will help our community, and allow us to do bigger and better things in our presentation to the community. We do get public recognition from our local media resources, and you would get more coverage by becoming a company sponsorship supporter for us.

Here is a photo of some of our members, our T Shirts are supplied by our local Pharmacy, here at Elermore Vale.

Our Men at the Elermore Vale Pharmacy

Our need for more company sponsorship is genuine, and we are very aware of how much demand there is for this kind of financing. So please get in touch with us today. Also check our sponsors pagefor who is backing us. Our ABN number is 26 176 420 728 and we have worked hard to attain our DGR status certification. We are about to get our members to approve our new constitution and we can then get our status upgraded. Our shed is a recognised charity and we belong to the Australian Men’s Shed Association and you can easily find us on their map.

Our Men’s Shed comprises a large amount of retired men willing to give up their time helping in the community and contributing the skills developed over a lifetime to assist others in the community including many schools and pre schools. We do community work covering Cardiff, Lambton, Jesmond, Shortland, Lambton, North Lambton, Wallsend & Elermore Vale and many other areas when called upon to help out.  So our demand to help in community is very large and our need for company sponsorship even bigger.

PayPal Donations

You can make a donation to us via the PayPal account, all donations are tax deductible.


You can also go give a subscription donation to our Men’s Shed

Payment Options

Thank you very much, we have been advised by the ATO that we have been approved for tax donations and we will send a receipt out to all donors.

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