Donations For The Shed

Donations For Elermore Vale Men’s Shed

We are in need of donations for our shed, we have had a few generous people come forward and offered us things from deceased estates. We don’t always get money as a donation,  sometimes people offer us useful items, like tools and equipment, that we can us in our community projects. We do our best to make use of everything donated to us, we ran a stall at last years Wallsend Winter Fair, and will do so again this year, and we hope to have things to sell at the fair, that have been donated to us, or made by use out of donated scape material that we use to make useful things in our shed. We rely on public donations, bequests and fundraising activities  to help keep us going. Donations for our donation men’s shed activity are gratefully appreciated.

If you are looking to make a donation to the Australian Men’s Shed Association then go here. Other wise please read on and make a donation now.

Corporate Business’s That Have Donated To Us.

Corporate business’s have stepped forward and given us financial aid, at times, and all of their efforts are given a receipt, for their generous donations.

Our ABN 26 176 420 728  our charity status is now online and we can accept donations for taxation purposes, we are classed as a charitable institution.


Donations for Elermore Vale Mens Shed, are registered with the ATO, as a non profit organisation , all donations over $2.00 to the Shed are tax-deductible. You are welcome to call our chairman Dave Corbett to make a donation, on Phone 02 49514651, or have Dave come and see you about making a donation. please feel free to contact us any time.

Donate to Us Via Banking

You can make a donation to us via our bank account, simply do a transfer of funds or go to your bank branch and give them these details.

Greater Building Society here is their website !

BSB 637000

Account 719179029

Any funds donated to us are gratefully accepted and you can email us your details of the deposit and the amount of your donations, so we can mail you out a receipt.

Deceased Estates Donations

Sometimes people do give us gifts and donations from deceased estates, trustees can nominate to give us funding to help support our charity. So please make a donation to us, we put all funding back into our community projects, nothing is wasted. If you would like to make your will out and leave a donation to Elermore Vale Men’s Shed and become our benefactor, then contact your solicitor and make arrangements with them.

Retirement Donations

If you have retired and are thinking of going into a retirement village to live, we appreciate any donations of shed tools or materials for a shed. We use these in our own Men’s Shed or resell items so we can keep our community projects going, shed money donations are always appreciated.

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PayPal Donations Elermore Vale Men’s Shed

PayPal donations can be made for any amount just click on the button! This way you can give any amount using Visa and MasterCard!

Subscriber Donations Online

You give any subscriber donations to our Men’s Shed by way of a monthly subscription, a fee as low as $5.00 a month, click on our Subscriber button to give to our charity account monthly. All donations in Australia is Tax deductible, with the end of the financial year come to a close, you may want to offer us support for our local community charity projects.


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In conclusion I would like to say we do not waste any donations for the shed, so make a donation today, we even like to process raw materials in our shed. We make bird boxes and wind chimes, and many other items, to sell back to the public.

Thank you very much for your generous support,  and please recommend this site to others, when considering giving a donation to the shed, they may be able to help us with a donation, we  seek out the help of any Benevolent Society that can help us with our funding. They say the best advertising is by word of mouth. Here is a PDF to fill out to give us a donation .

Don’t forget to give a donation men’s shed activity for the shed. All corporate donations are posted on or sponsors page , unless other wise indicated.

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