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All About Our WordPress For The Men’s Shed

All about our WordPress, It only dawned on me the other day when I visited Dave Corbett ( Chairman ) of our Mens Shed, Elermore Vale Men’s Shed, that not everybody is use to navigating their way around the front of WordPress, so I am going to explain what everything you can see, while you are reading this. You can hit the back arrow if you click on the links in this page. Top of the site is all our pages, they have lots of information in them, and they are :-

  • About Us This page still needs a lot of work, I am sure other men from the shed could send me a word document that tells visitors all about us ( Elermore Vale Mens )
  • Our Wish List This is an ongoing page, and needs comments from the members, we are hoping people from the community will read this and open their hearts to us.
  • Our Sponsors  Here are most of our Sponsors, and we show them here with links to their domains. We need more Sponsors.
  • Donations For The Shed We are always looking for donations, to help keep our community project going.
  • Things We Do In The Shed At Elermore Vale Not a full list of what we do, so tell me more and I can put it in.
  • Contact Us – Elermore Vale This is our Contact details, when we get our Google Map approved, it will go in here so people  can find us easier.
  • Our Links Ask Us To Add You This is a big list of Men’s Sheds, all the links are active, and anybody that is associated to us is also added in here. If you know of more add a comment, or send an e-mail on our Contact Us page.

All about our WordPress – There is one hidden tool up there that a few people are not aware of. The big words just under all the pages says Elermore Vale Men’s Shed in really big letters. It s not just big words, if you click on it, you will be taken back to the very latest post on the front page. This works no mater where you are on the site.

Moving across the top you will see two words on the far right, Posts and Comments, they both buttons to activate our RSS feed. All about our WordPress, if you own Internet Explorer or Firefox, when pressed they will put a feed button on your browser. What these feeds do is up date a pop open window on your browser with either the latest Posts or Comments, depending on which ones you press, this is all about our WordPress.

Just under Posts and Comments, there is a Search Window, when you click on it a cursor a small black line will appear and any words you want to search for this tool will search all the posts and list all the posts that contain the words you typed in there. This is a very powerful tool, and it fits with the theme, all about our WordPress. You can put any phrase or word into it, and it will seek out what you typed.

Next down the right hand side is a YouTube presentation, this is all about our WordPress, I put it there, click on it once and it will play, click on it twice and it will play in full screen. It will tell you push the ESC key, on the top left on your keyboard and you will be back looking at our site. You never actually left, it is behind what ever is playing. It does not tell you just double-click anywhere and it will shrink back again. There is a stop and play button on the bottom of the video player. Also the red spot over YouTube if clicked will take you to YouTube to watch it on their domain.

Next down the right hand side is a Ranking Badge, keep an eye on this, this helps with, all about our WordPress, we are moving up the ranks quickly, a week ago we where at 7 million and we are now 2, 492,820. What does that mean, well at time of posting these figures, we hopefully will keep increasing and the numbers will ( Cross Your Fingers ) keep getting smaller. This means out of all the domains listed on Google that is our index place out of I think it is, about 24 million domains. The smaller the number the better off we are. That is the one called Alexa Rank. The other 2 are Google Page Rank and Technorati, these 2 will take a lot of work on my part to get good figures in them. I would have to do a whole new geek post on what they are and how do I increase our numbers in them.

Then next down the right hand side is another YouTube presentation, I have the The Online Men’s Shed there at the moment. I can change them to what every you want to see there. I could not help myself I added the 7pm Project video and John Williamson, All Australian Men Need A Shed. This is what our WordPress is all about. If you go to YouTube and look at some of the videos, just underneath them is a share button, click on it and copy the link you see and send it to our Gmail address and I can put down the right hand side. I have Dave thinking about doing some videos for our shed.

The last thing down the right hand side is the big black button with an up arrow that sits on the screen and follows you. This a simple add-on that waits for you to click on to and it will take you back to the top of the page, save you having to scroll all the way back to the top.

In the middle down the bottom is the Reply Box. This is where you and other visitors can leave messages, we got one from Arly in Ireland the other day. Feel free to leave a comment any time, they are not posted until they are approved by an administration person. I get a bit of spam in there sometimes but the spam filter is on and it’s placed in the spam section for us to check.

On the bottom left hand side is a thing called META this is where Dave Corbett, Allan Lewis and Bill Ray ( Me, Bounties ) can log in and write the pages and posts that you can see and this fits in with the theme all about our WordPress. I like to add posts from all over the world on Men’s Sheds, but if you would like to see other topics on the posts, just let Dave or Allan know and we can consider posting on those topics. Because we are a Men’s Shed we get good ranking with Google because we post about Men’s Sheds. I have a special tool set with Google and any time a Men’s Shed is Mentioned, Google will send me an e-mail with a snippet on what the story is about. If you want to use this tool for your own use, it is called Google Alerts, look them up with a search in Google. Any way I am getting side tracked here.To help move our all about our WordPress along, if members, click on, login and register with us. This makes it better for use because Google keeps track with how many subscribers we have, and every time new content is posted here online, you will get a e-mail, telling you about the new post. Just like a newspaper being delivered, all about our WordPress, it will tell you when we have something new. So go ahead and register, you will get mail from this site.

Next up the left hand side of the page is Categories in all about our WordPress. They are there so you can press what ever is in there and only those topics on the post will appear down the page. Best example is meetings,  click on that and you will see only the minutes from our meetings in chronological order. Same goes for the other words, new is all the news articles written and so on. I have created a new one called educational for this post.

Next up the page is Archives on all about our WordPress This is what was posted for the previous months.

Next is Recent Posts all about our WordPress is where the last 5 posts are published.

That about sums it up for What Is Our WordPress on our front page. Hope it has been helpful, and I hope I did not get to technical. Enjoy the site, and it is always good to get feed back about what is this – , so leave a comment, or send us a e-mail.

We need a picture for this post, any takers! All about our WordPress, Google loves pictures on every post and every page. If you want to know more about WordPress here is a link to WordPress.

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