Mental Health Problems

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Mental Health Problems In Men

Mental health problems in men can be different than those that women can suffer with. More mature aged men may have worked for the past forty  to fifty years and suddenly, they reach retirement age and they stop work. For the next few months everything may seem alright, they get stuck in and catch on the jobs around the house and all seems well. They may even have a strong network of friends and acquaintances, and this is a very good thing. Then suddenly he starts to feel a bit down and it seems harder to get out of bed, and no matter how much he sleeps, he still feels tired all the time. Does all of this sound all to familiar. He may have a good relationship with a with a wife or partner, and his patients seems a bit short, yet he loves her very much.

This could be the early warning signs of depression setting in, which is one of the many mental health problems we can face.. The best of us can get depression, in a man’s life cycle, from birth to death, four out of five men will suffer from some form of mild to sever depression. It can come in the form of friends saying buck up, you will be right mate and you get more active and burn up the stress, by getting out and doing things. On the other hand mental health problems, can sometimes need intervention with anti depressant. Some men see this as a sign of weakness and not working any more, they don’t have that bonding that they had in the work environment.

Depression is chemicals being unbalanced with in the brain, which can be a sign of mental health problems, and many things can cause this to happen. To much stress in one’s life can be a cause of this. When I say to much stress I am referring to both good stress and bad stress. You could win lotto tomorrow, or you are about to become a grandfather for the first time. all these are usually seen as good stress. Bad stress which we all are aware of, bills are piling up, the dog just got run over, and so on.

Other Kinds of Mental Health Problems

Men can suffer with many different kinds of mental health problems, some of these problems can be Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Personality Disorders, Schizophrenia, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) to name just a few of them. Here is a referral to a site that has extensive information on these topics. it is best to seek professional medical advice to get a diagnosis. You can talk to Life Line for telephone support 131114 in Australia.

What men tend to forget, is when they went to work, they could talk to mates at work, just verbalising what the problem is, helps to relieve stress and avoid mental health problems and mens health issues. You are getting the problems off of your chest. So what is one solution to getting rid of your stress. Getting out in the community doing something can help you in many ways. When you go home, you have a lot more to talk about with your partner.

With depression, men like myself who have physical problems, such as a bad back, even we can suffer with mental health problems. That is if we just sit around the house and do nothing, I get out there and go to my local Men’s Shed. They are still settling in at the shed doing those jobs that take a lot of bending, putting in new flower beds, climbing up ladders to do the eaves. They have plans to build and repair furniture and and toys, and a lot of these things will be done on benches. No more bending for my tired old back. We are all getting out there and doing things at our local shed, and those who may feel a bit shattered or out of place, soon find something to do. If you don’t have or want anything to do when you come to the shed, and just want a chat and a cuppa, that is all good as well. There is no pressure, we have a mentoring programme for all men to get active with. Sometimes men don’t have the skills to do things and we have retired tradesmen with in our group, and they can help you get things done, and explain why they are done that way.

In conclusion, getting out and mixing with other men, may be a solution to the mental health problems and mens health issues that can plague any of us. Getting stuck in and doing things at your local Men’s Shed can become a win win situation. You gain the mate-ship, and unwind, without even realising it, and needy people in our community get that much-needed support, and we avoid those mental health problems.

We do encourage men with early stage dementia and early stage alzheimer’s disease to join our shed, with an understanding that one day they may have to eventually stop coming as their condition gets worse. Men suffering with depression are welcome as well, this can be a temporary problem and we can be supportive of their health issue. One of the best ways of fighting depression is to get active and talk with other blokes, we try to be supportive of men with depression, these are all men’s health issues. Visit Beyond Blue for more information on depression.

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