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What Is A Browser For The Men’s Shed

What is a browse all about, how to use our version of WordPress, and how to use a browser, I wrote this post to explain these ideas to our members at the Mens Shed, if you are not a member of Elermore Vale Men’s Shed, then you may still find this article interesting, because I am going to give a lot of examples, on this WordPress template, which is known as Atahualpa, and how to use a browser, and I will leave links to more technical things all over this post. I will go around giving you an explanation of what is everything you can see on the monitor, for those who are new to using the Internet to get information, and for the more advanced users as well. I better start with the basics of what is a browser, and work my way up to an in-depth explanation of what are all the gadget, tools and interface objects that you can see on our WordPress website. Giving you links to other more in-depth information on other domains. I will use links to YouTube, a lot of the time, because I have a visual style of learning. I will include some reading material as well, for those that like to learn via reading material.

This document is not designed for high tech users, but you never know, what you may find out.

What Is A Browser Used For

What is this thing called a browser, well the answer is not so simple to explain, I will break it up into the different browser that people use a lot on the Internet, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome, these are the main  browsers.. So read on and find out some of the information about each of these browsers.

What Is A Browser – Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer and What is a browser, here are some links and videos to help you understand the main browsers, and how they work! Sounds simple enough, well the answer is no. What is a browser, not all browsers work the same, and not all search engines give the same results. Internet Explorer comes with every window installation, and a lot of people tend to use it, just because it is on their computer. Here is the history of Internet Explorer, written by Wikipedia. How do you use Internet Explorer bookmarks, here are some more links  on using Internet Explorer.

What Is A Browser – Firefox

What is this – Firefox is a very popular browser, and yes it is the one I use the most, I find it loads quicker and it uses my favourite search engine, more on that later. Firefox bookmarks and how to make bookmarks for Firefox , is for me, very easy to do. Again I have given lots of links for Firefox, instead of giving my definition of what Firefox is all about.

What Is A Browser – Google Chrome

What is this – Google Chrome is a new browser and I like it but it not very friendly when you want to put RSS feed on the bookmarks, more on RSS feeds when I explain our WordPress template. Google Chrome is going ahead in leaps and bounds. Needless to say it is produced by Google and it has a lot of good features about it. Google Chrome has a good buffer and it loads very quickly.

What Is This – Google Products

So that is a quick help section on using browsers, I like Firefox, but find I am using Google Chrome more and more. I wish they would get the RSS feed going on the bookmarks section. This is the only reason I tend to go back and use my Firefox. Google have a massive amount of resources and lots of free software that you can use. I use Gmail for my e-mails, and Google Documents more and more. I also use Google Webmasters tools to feed my web pages to, and find out if I have broken links. If I want to find who has visited our domain, I use Google Analytics, and if I am having problems I go the Google Webmasters Forum to find a solution, it can get a bit rough in there sometimes, because they get sick of people asking the same questions over and over. Google Products covers all the things that Google give away for free. Here is a link for budding webmasters all about Goggle Products for webmasters, I use most of them.

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