Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Us

Frequently asked questions about us are answered here, we hope this helps with any FAQ you may have with us.

Q How do I join the shed

A There are two ways to join the Elermore Vale Men’s Shed. 1 Get a copy of the application form from the Elermore Vale Community Centre Office which is located on the same grounds as us. 2 Drop into the shed and pick up a copy of our application and have a cuppa and chat with us. You will need to do a 3 month probation period with us.

Q What activities do we do in the shed?

A We mostly do wood work and metal work activities, drop in and see us and talk about what you would like to do with us.

What do we do with the money from charity donations.

All money given to Elermore Vale Men’s Shed is put back into the running of the men’s shed and any left over is put into our community projects, caring for the needy and elderly repair work. No money is given to members, except if they are authorised to buy supplies fo our shed. All grant money is spent on what we applied for.

Q How much does it cost to join our shed?

A It costs $20.00 per year and a gold coin donation for our coffee, tea and biscuits, once a week. We ask members to give a $3.00 donation for the Friday BBQ, if you come along.

Q What are our opening hours?

A We are open 5 days a week. Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm but most members come along in the morning and taper off as the day goes on. Sometimes we are there all day, depends on what we are doing at the time. Last one out locks the shed up.

Q  What is the age limit of members?

A  You must be over 18 years of age, this is because of our insurance policies. There is no upper age limit, members over 80 years of age are covered by the community centre insurance policy.

Q  How do I make a donation to the men’s shed.

There are a number of different ways of making a donation to our men’s shed. If you want to give materials to the shed then drop us a line or call in and give it directly to us, we do come out and do pick up as well. You can also ring us at phone number 02 49514651 or go to our contact us page and get more details. You can also make money donations to us by going to our donations page and give us money via our PayPal account or send us a cheque, details are also on our donations page.

So this about covers our frequently asked questions, keep in touch!

Q Are we a recognised charity?

A Yes we are registered with an ABN number and have DGR status.

Q Do we do charity work for our local community?

A Yes lots places ask us to do small jobs and repairs, mostly schools and child care centers, but other places apply to us for help.

Q Do we seek online grants?

A Yes we apply for grants online, sometimes for our selves and other times to do local community projects.

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