Every Man Needs A Shed

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Every Man Needs A Shed – Why

Every Man Needs A Shed, why do men need a shed, or to be precise, a Men’s Shed, It is a place to unwind and talk shoulder to shoulder with other men. Your life style might have change,d and you use to go to work ,and you where able to talk to other men about different things. Then retirement came along, and your working days are over. It is a known fact, that mens health issues can increase, shortly after retirement from work, they can have an increase of many problems, ranging from hearing issues to diabetes, and relationship problems, that may have started to develop because you are no longer at work, and you feel like you are at a loss because you have nothing to do. This is where the National body comes into the picture, and the rapidly growing amount of Men’s Sheds that are starting to form all over Australia.  Not all Men’s Sheds join the National Men’s Shed association, in total there are over 1,000 Men’s Sheds in Australia. Our shed does not belong to the National body, or any state associations, but we believe strongly in the basic concept of Men’s Sheds in Australia, and will encourage any person sheds and there efforts to get noticed more online.

Back to the question of why would every man needs a shed. Going to the Men’s Shed for just a cuppa and a chat, which is one of the well know phrases said by all Men’s Sheds, is a one of the things that we do at the Men’s Shed, there is no pressure to do any of the many community Men’s Sheds activities. Simply having that cup of coffee or tea, can help you unwind and helps to prevent depression from developing. Some men have become so depressed that get suicidal thoughts. This is a very dangerous level of depression. Here is an article written by The Shed Online about depression. Another good place to get information about depression and anxiety is Beyond Blue a very good organisation that deals with these problems. Another really good help place where men can ring 24 hours a day is Health Direct Australia, you can talk to a nurse to help you decide what you may need to do for yourself if you are feeling unwell.

One other reason men come along to the shed, they may have lost their wife or partner and feel at a lose about what they can do, this is another reason every man needs a shed.

So why is that they say every man needs a shed, it is because, going to a Men’s Shed can be a good way to socialise with other men, we have a bright positive out look on life and besides having that important cuppa and chat, we also like to get busy, building things. If your local Men’s Shed does not make the sort of things that you like to build, ask them if you can start building what you like to do, they are very flexible.

Here is a video, which explains  about why, every man needs a shed.

Get in touch with your local council or Community Centre today.

Update 17/05/2012

To join or start your own men’s shed online in Australia can be easy, contact the Australian Men’s Shed Association and they can help you either start a new Men’s Shed or you can fill out there online application, because every man needs a shed. They have a really good PDF file that is 99 pages in length on starting or offering support to existing sheds. The structure of this document is so well laid out, and packed full of information for sheds. Yes every man needs a shed, if you are 18 years of age and have the spare time, contact your local Men’s Shed and get active today. Men’s Sheds are there for many walks of age, not just the elderly blokes and over 55’s. Younger guys are also welcome, maybe you just want to call in and have a chat and a cuppa, or learn new skills to help you find work. Most Men’s Sheds have retired tradesmen who are willing to mentor people who would like to gain skills for helping out around the shed and helping you keep busy. It is critical for men’s health and well-being to talk shoulder to shoulder and keep the depression blues away, and this is one of the many reasons every man needs a shed..

Here is a picture of my reason every man needs a shed, I can’t work in our garden because I have a bad back, but it is very beautiful. Every man needs a shed with a really good garden.

Every man needs a shed, I like our garden.
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