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Get Online Easy For Men’s Sheds

Get online easy, it has only become clear to me that buying a domain name and joining a web host company to get a free WordPress blog of website, can be very challenging for some people. It does not matter whether you are building a site for Men’s Sheds or just for your own personal use. The only difference is that personal use, you need to buy a online web hosting package and Men’s Sheds in Australia can get a free package with Web Host Australia.  If you are building a sit for your self contact me and I will be happy to talk or e-mail you some advice for free, but with unlike non profits I do charge a very low rate for private installs.

Anyway back to Men’s Sheds and get online easy and getting a domain + a web hosting package. It never dawned on me that doing those things could feel very threatening and stressful. I helped a friend of mine out on the weekend, and he was very nervous about buying a domain and a web hosting package, even with me there, and showing him what to do. For Men’s Sheds I do the lot for them, and all they need to do is learn how to use the administration back office of the site to build posts and pages. Our community shed online, is a support for our bricks and mortar shed,located at Elermore Vale Community Centre.

Buying A Domain Name

Buying a domain name can be a bit confusing, especially if you never have done it. I only use Go daddy for my purchases. Why because I believe they are owned by Google and they are very easy to use a thing called name servers settings. This is how you can point your domain at Web Host Australia. I can do this for you, I can remember how nervous I was when I brought my first domain name. Basically I would need your account number and password to be able to go in and change the settings. After this we don’t ever need to go back in there again and makes it another get online easy.

I better back step here a bit, buying a domain name can be a bit tricky, and these applies to buying any domain name, try to buy a dot com over buying  dot org or a dot com dot au, why simple answer, in the long term I believe along with a lot more other webmasters that the dot com will bring you more traffic. This is an age old debate on just this topic. Another thing is buy a dot com in  all lower case and separate the words. Example is shoulder-to shoulder-mens- sheddotcom I am not using the real dot because this would cause me to get a broken link. Here is how my local mens shed main domain page looks and yes it is an active link see how the words are separated and it has a dot com on the end. Any way if you want me to buy and you just give the money back, that is okay.

How To Get Free Online Web Hosting.

Men’s Sheds can get free online web hosting in Australia which it make it easy to get online easy with Web Host Australia, you just have to click on the link and fill in the details, they do ask for a credit card, but they never charge you a single cent. The link I have left here will take you directly to their sign up page. I use their package that is located in America, only because it offers extra online gigabytes. Installing other software like photo galleries or a forum can take up a bit of space. There many options for different software in a thing called CPanel’s, which a kind of control panel. Again if you want my setting all this up, happy to help any of the Men’s Sheds out, this make it better to get online easy.

So that is the basics about men’s shed and how to get online easy. There is a lot more to it, if you go to YouTube and do a search for WordPress tutorials, there is heaps about WordPress online. To make it easier to get online easy here are a few YouTube presentations for you to watch.

This one talks about different companies that they recommend, I recommend HostGator for non-profit companies, not men’s sheds, why pay when you can get the support for free.

This one is about creating pages on WordPress, very useful, the main point is going to YouTube and check out all the WordPress Videos it helps to get online easy.

Here is how easy it is to get online easy, and add a new template for your WordPress Site, this woman also talks about plugin’s, some of these I use.

There are over 4,000 topics on WordPress, so have fun and use YouTube.

Okay to finish off, here is my big secret on how to make great posts for mens sheds! Yoast has built a free SEO tool, for those that can download new plugins for their WordPress, I actually was that impressed I gave Yoast a donation. It is so good to use, helps to make award-winning posts and get online easy with award winning articles.

All of this only will cost a Men’s Shed about $9.99 for buying a domain name, the web hosting you do have to present a credit card, but when signing up you declare that you are a non-profit, and your card will never be charge a single cent. Get in touch, get online and use your now WordPress site to tell the rest of the Men’s Sheds that I am fair dinkum.

Update 17/05/2012

Don’t forget you can Join the Australian Men’s Shed Association, they offer great support to new Men’s Sheds and those wanting to start their own Men’s Shed in their local area. Our Men’s Shed is less than 12 months old and we joined the AMSA ( Australian Men’s Shed Association). They will help you join your State branch of the Men’s Shed Association and help you get online easy. Ours is NSW Men’s Shed Association. With all of their support this will help you get online easier. If you are looking for a Men’s Shed near you go to the map finder for the Australian Men’s Shed Association and just put your suburb or post code into their search engine and it will show you the closest Men’s Shed to you.

If you are looking for a land package to start a new Men’s Shed, read this article on how the NSW government are going to help make it easier to get land to start a new Men’s Shed in NSW. This will make it easier to start a new Men’s Shed and help you get online easier for Men’s Sheds. Yes we are members of the Australian Men’s Shed Association our membership number is AMSA100758.

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