Men’s Sheds – Are They For You

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Men’s Sheds Are All Over The world!

Men’s Sheds – Are they for you, the answer is more than likely yes! Men work all their lives and suddenly they are retired from the workforce. Whether it is by design or by accident, you have suddenly stopped working, you where very use to getting up 5 days a week and going to work. Many men find that they don’t cope very well, with suddenly lots of time on their hand, and sometimes depression can sneak up on them.

This is where Men’s Sheds can help you. They  have lots of activities to do and lots of good friends to be made, check out what do we do in our shed and see what we are up to. Men’s Sheds have taken off all over the world, here is one article from the United Kingdom, about Men In Sheds. Another media presentation about men in sheds and mens needs, is shown in this video.

Men’s Sheds In Australia

The Mens Shed movement in Australia has taken off and is becoming more and more popular. Men can talk shoulder to shoulder, and meet new mates at the shed. They have lots of good community projects happening all the time, and they are always doing lots of activities to help raise more funding for their non profit charity. Being active after retirement, can be very good for you. They go out and do community work for the needy, sometimes they do gardening or home repairs for those in need. Different Men’s Sheds do different things. Check out our links page, to see if there is a shed near you. If you can’t find one contact your local Men’s Shed Association and they will help you find a shed, or maybe you might like to start one. We are always looking for new volunteers.

Men’s social network is different to women’s, men don’t like to talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder. Here is another video on Canterbury Men’s Shed.

They are always busy looking for more donations, and raising funds for that next community project that needs to be done, they are in need of corporate sponsors. So Men’s Sheds -are they for you – yes, come along to your local Men’s Shed and you will soon find out. Check out our links page, for a shed near you, if you can’t find one then, check out Google search for one of the state Men’s Shed Association. See what The Hon Warren Snowdon MP has to say about mens sheds.

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