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Social Networking What Is it all About

Social networking for online business’s is a must have, if you belong to a Men’s Shed or any other business for that matter. Getting your business noticed online is of extreme importance to you. It’s of paramount importance that you get exposure online. The two most easiest ways of doing this is use, Facebook and Twitter. They both have high volume traffic and both are very secure for your business to use.

Some time back Facebook was in the news media about how public figures were being attacked, and was causing a lot of problems for them on Facebook. Those days have long gone, and both Facebook and Twitter have major upgrades to their systems to prevent any hacking problems from happening again.

So what is this social networking all about, you can set your business up on Facebook and when you are going to have a fund-raiser, or you have just published a new web page about something, it will go on public display. Anyway The Shed Online, have it all for you to see in one of their video presentations.

So that is what Facebook all about, I hope you watched the video. I use social media to get websites ranking higher in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines. The more visitors you get to your Men’s Shed, the better chance of getting more members and more financial support.

Okay the second social network I am going to mention today is Twitter. I still remember sitting there growling to myself, not another message from Twitter clogging up my e-mail box, and I would hit accept and then carry on with reading my mail. I have since learnt that the more people who are following you on Twitter, the better your coverage is to get more visitors, so my attitude has changed. Our Men’s Shed is climbing very quickly because I post our articles to Twitter, Facebook and Google +, to name just a few of the social networks that I mediate with, to help get the traffic. If you look at the bottom of this article there are three buttons down there, and if you belong to any of those social networking groups, a simple click on them adds my article to your page with them. That is the power of social networking, every time some body clicks on those little icons, my articles spread more and more over the Internet.

When ever I see any Men’s Sheds with social media installed, I give them a quick click, and help spread what ever they are talking about on that page. Okay, better get on and show you the next video from The Shed Online, all about Twitter.

Last but certainly not least is Google + I use, Google + as well, and it is fast growing in numbers, and it operates a bit different to all the other social networking sites. It has the power of video in it. No you don’t have to go on camera, it also has pictures and most important you can share what’s happening, click and your web pages are saved to Google +, really good when other people do it for you. I have seen videos that try to pack all the features of Google + into a very short space of time, and lets face it, to hard to just pack it all into one short video. But this short video shows a broad overview of what it is all about.

There is only one other thing I would like to introduce in this article on social networking for Men’s Sheds, and that is the add share drop down menu. It is located right here, look up on the left hand side, for those who use WordPress, in your back office and under plugins just do a search for Addtoany, you will find it easily enough, it is a widget that you can display in your side bars. Here are some links for social networking for those with HTML websites. The AddToAny button site, is easy to create your own info in it, download it and place it in your HTML pages. What are all those icons in that button, there is a mountain of them, and you need to create an account with each of them, you can just point and click.

Hope you enjoyed my presentation on  social network marketing for Men’s Sheds. If you set them all up, it takes a bit of work, but once you have done it, they all become, quick access to getting more traffic to your site. So get out there and compose some good interesting articles in your Men’s Sheds.



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