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Application Men’s Shed Form And Community Centre

You can get an application form for Elermore Vale Men’s Shed (Mens Shed Elermore Vale) from our Men’s Shed or one from the Elermore Vale Community Centre.We don’t offer online applications, we prefer to interview you when you come in and see us. On the application form you will be asked what type of volunteer work would would you like to do:-

  • General duties
  • Social day Assistance
  • Shopping
  • Transport
  • Home Visiting
  • Telephone Calls
  • Men’s Shed
  • Gardening

Dave Corbett will take your application

The application form is designed for the Community Centre and our Men’s Shed activities are considered as a part of the community Centre activities. If you only want to be apart of the Men’s Shed then you just fill out the section for the Men’s Shed. If you plan on using your vehicle for either or both the Men’s Shed or the Community Centre, then you will need to show proof of full comprehensive insurance. You will be asked to sign and accept that a police check may be done on you.

We where considering having our own application form, but for insurance purposes the community centre needs to keep a detailed record on file. Being a part of the Men’s Shed you will be covered by the national insurance policy with the AMSA (Australian Men’s Shed Association) and with the community centre they have extra insurance, so you will be well covered in case of an accident. With the application you do not get any travel money for coming to and from the Men’s Shed, this all apart of being a volunteer of Elermore Vale Men’s Shed. We welcome new members, drop in for a cuppa any day Monday to Friday 9 -4.00pm. We have a barbeque on Fridays at noon and sometimes members of the business community drop in to have lunch with us. When you sign up for the men’s shed there is no set criteria for what jobs to do at the sheds. You can start a new community project ( with committee approval.) or just join in what some of what the other blokes are doing. As a member you can just call in to say hello and no pressure to get stuck in on the jobs we do. So come on down and get an application today!

Our AGM is coming up in August and members renewals are now due! Joining fee and renewals are just $20.00 per year.

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