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Band Saw Training – Have You Qualified

Band saw training will commence in our Men’s Shed on Tuesday 19th June 2012. Have you qualified in the use of the band saw. Remember we are starting a register for those people who are qualified on different equipment. It is good work practice to get skilled mentoring support if you intend to use any of our power equipment, especially on the band saw. Gordon Steele will be running an introduction into the use of our band saw and if you are not a qualified tradesman then you will need to get the basics on how to use the band saw.

Safe Use Band Saw

Safe use of the band saw in our Men’s Shed is a must for all those interested in working in our wood shed activities. The OH&S activities within our Men’s Shed require that all members qualify on machinery before using any of it. As discussed at our last monthly meeting we are starting register of those qualified to use equipment in the shed and the band saw is one of those pieces of equipment that members will be required to show safe working practice on.

Our register will be available for members to register later this month and it will have a list of qualified tradesmen in it so you can seek out their help in the use of our equipment. Here is video on safe working with a band saw, this is only presented as an introduction and does not exclude anybody from being trained on safe working on this machinery. I will be putting my name down for the this introduction and I am a qualified fitter and turner, but have never had the need to use a band saw before.


As you can see there is a lot to learn about using this kind of saw, so come along and get qualified to use this saw. Here is a photo of a band saw. The training starts at 10.00 am on the 19th of June, see you there.

band saw similar to our saw.See you at the training session, get in early, it will be a popular training session. If you miss out I am sure Gordon will run lots more training for us.

Update June 19, 2012

Band Saw Training is ongoing, Gordon Steele is doing a course for the shed as required, so get in and see him and get your name in for the next training session. All training courses at our Men’s Shed are free training for members.

Update 22/07/2012

Our members are still doing the free training on the band saw, one member has a small table saw and brings it in to do Christmas decorations. We have told him when we get the new jig saw, he will be able to put good bevelled edges on the. You don’t need to be qualified to use our band saw, we teach all new members that want to learn on how to use it. We are open 5 days a week, and a lot of the men’s sheds have a band saw.

Band saw training has been going well, with Allan learning how to cut out a small jewellery box and finish it off with a router.

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