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Barbeques – Fridays A Success

Barbeques Fridays has been declared a success, and we are planning a lunch time barbeques every Friday at lunch time. Drew one of our members said it was a great idea to hold one every week, all work and no play does make us a bit boring. Mr Gary Rose from the Blue Gum Hills Mens Shed joined us for lunch on Friday and we invited him to come back again and bring other members from their Men’s Shed next time he came over to see us. It was suggested by Gary that we attend their next market day and we will bring this up at our next monthly meeting.

Lester Mostyn Elermore Vale Community Centre Manager was at the barbeque and everybody was admiring the plants that the community centre had donated to us for our new garden beds.

Barbeques at our shed

See You Every Friday for lunch!

There was a quick run around for a $2.00 donation from everybody attending, to cover the cost of lunch. Friday barbeque lunches is a good way to catch up on what has happened at the Men’s Shed, and talk shoulder to shoulder about new ideas that members might have for our Men’s Shed.

Somebody asked if we had a list for public barbeques, on what we need to take with us and Bill Ray said yes, we now have a list supplied to us on what is needed for our weekend barbeque activities, should we decide to go ahead with this community fund-raising project.

For our last barbeque we had sausages and onions with coleslaw on bread rolls to choose from, a good start for our barbeques. Someone suggested we have a potato bake as a side dish on paper plates for next Friday anybody interested in bringing a potato bake along next week are welcome to do so, we will need to get paper plates and napkins for next weeks barbeque.

When our garden is completed we are planning on having an open day and invite Ms Sonia Hornery state member for Wallsend MP along to see all of the work that is going on at our Men’s Shed.

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