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Charity Donation Appeal

Charity donation appeal for our community projects, help to support our charity and donate to our Men’s Shed. We are looking for company sponsors and members of the community to give us a charity donation for our shed. We do all kinds of charitable things for our community. We fix things for the elderly and help the disabled when they need something repaired or installed. If you have no family support then that is where we come into help support those that are needy. Our organisation also does community support in our shed with mentoring men who mens health issues, everything from depression to men recovering after a stroke. We are supportive of each other. We have many men who are qualified tradesmen and they show the other men how to do things. All donations over $2.00 in Australia is tax deductible. To be honest I am not sure about other countries polices are on donating to an Australian non profit charity.

Why Donate To US

Why donate to us, we are a recognised charity approved by the Australian Taxation office and any donations to us is tax deductible. Here is our registration number ABN 26 176 420 728 it is linked to the Australian Business Register. We do a lot of community work and funding is the main problem we have to help those in our community. None of the funds donated to us are wasted on wages, all of us are volunteers and we go out of our way to try and help those who are in need. We also advertise our sponsors on our site.


How To Donate

You can go to our website page Donations For The Shed and either get the bank details and make a direct deposit to our Greater Building Society account, or you can click on our PayPal button and nominate the amount you are going to donate. Here is the button to make a donation to our Men’s Shed.

 It is easy to donate to us. We have an account set up with PayPal and you get a receipt for your donation straight away and we get notified with a e-mail alerting us to your donation. Another way of making a donation is to do monthly subscription to our account at PaPal and here is the software to nominate a monthly donation to Elermore Vale Men’s Shed.

Payment Options

So there are a number of ways to make a charity donation to our Men’s Shed. If you want to you can even call in and make a charity donation to our Men’s Shed, just get the details from our contact uspage, visitors are always welcome. We hold a Barbeque every Friday and the men in the shed donate $3.00 towards the barbeque and our visitors do not have to give a donation for our barbeque day.We have a few local companies that sponsor us and I am about to tell them that we are going to issue a receipt for all the support for this financial year. They can claim back the funds that they have given us in their tax return. These few companies that have sponsored us have helped to keep us going and we do need more sponsorship money to help us get through the rest of this year. 
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