Friday Barbeque Update

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Friday Barbeque Popular

Friday barbeque is going well with a visitor from Macleay Island, Gary from Bay Islands Men’s Shed came along to the Friday barbeque, he was on holidays and wanted to visit a few of the Men’s Sheds in our area. We made an offer to him to help build a website for the Bay Islands Men’s Shed and he said he would take the idea back to his committee group. There where also to staff from Robert Crawford Real Estate at the Friday barbeque. Robert Crawford real estate is a company sponsor of our Men’s Shed and they take a very active interest in our community activities, they are Newcastle real estate specialists, Vlado Zvicer (Sales Manager) and Mathew Webb are both very interested in what we do for charity. Robert Crawford was unable to attend due to business commitments on the day.

Our Friday barbeque is open to visitor and all the business community are welcome to attend our social activity. The barbeque allows us to unwind on a Friday lunch time and catch up on what everybody has been doing for the week. We had really good news to share at barbeque , it looks like we are about to accept a donation of a metal lathe. It is an old machine, but a very good quality piece of engineering equipment ( more on this as news comes to hand.

We have been getting a lot of enquires by people wanting to join our community activities and I announced on the Friday barbeque that I have heard from the taxation office and our DGR certification ( Deductible Gift Recipient ) should be on the ABR ( Australian Business Register )website in the coming week. This means we are are going to be classified as a health promotion charity, and will be able to issue receipts for tax deductible donations. Keep a watch on our registration ABN: 26 176 420 728

The Friday barbeque is going well and will be a permanent activity every week.

Friday Barbeque at our shed

See You Every Friday for lunch!


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