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Gardening Services – Our Shed

Gardening services for our shed is there for the elderly and disabled. We need to point out that we do not do this for any person . Only if you have no family support or lack of finance do we come out on a once off to help you with the mowing. Sorry about this but our service is run by volunteers and we don’t try to compete or deprive our local companies of any work. If you have family that can do your lawn or can afford to pay to get it done, then we are not available to help you out. Being a non-profit charity we hope to get a small donation for the help we offer but it is not compulsory.

Our offer of support is for those who have no support and lack of funding. If your daughter or son rings up and asks us to do their mother or fathers lawn, our first question is why can’t you do it. Our support is there for the frail aged and disabled people who have no family and are having a bad time trying to get a gardening service to help them out. We do help weed gardens, and mow lawns, for those in need, and sorry to say we have been known to pack up and head back to our shed because family have called in to see how we are doing. We see it that they should be doing the work for their loved ones.

Gardening Services Where To Get Help For Your

Gardening services can help out there are plenty of local companies that offer their services, here is a list of garden services on Google. In saying this, if you need help, and you fit our criteria, we will come and get your garden (Landscaping) sorted out for you. Elermore Vale Men’s Shed has many community service activities and our volunteer ranks are only small. We need more volunteers,we do small repairs around the house for the elderly and besides our gardening services we try to help out those elderly and disabled people who have nobody to help them at home. you may have family that don’t or can’t help you at home, we can help you, but not on a regular level. We are a once off emergency service for those in need.

We do lots of community work, we are supportive of certain school activities and even child care services that need some support, our resources are limited, you can contact us for help. We are always in need of community support for our activities and sponsors to help us with our activities. Besides our gardening services, have a look at what we do in the shed and our community activities.

gardening services, for the elderly and disabled.

Scott can be a very busy man!








So we are sorry if we offend anybody, but people flood us with requests for gardening services, and we needed to make things clear on what we do for gardening services for you, we help the elderly and disabled, where they don’t have any support.

We have a good community garden at the men’s shed and people are welcome to come along and help out in our community garden, this is a part of our community services. The ground was given to us by Newcastle Council to help build our men’s shed and build the Harmony Garden. The new plants are doing well and with Spring now upon us, all the new plants are showing new growth. The Elermore Vale Community Centre help us with new plants for the community garden and Lester Mostyn the community centre manager is often seen working in the new community garden. If you don’t have a garden of your own, come on down and do some gardening in the community garden.

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