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Men’s Shed Incorporation Certification

Our men’s shed incorporation has finally been completed., our incorporation certification has finally come through. It will take another 28 days before it is displayed online with the Australian Business Registration. It all takes time to get sorted out for our incorporation certification. Our registration number is INC1200323  and it will soon be displayed online.

Here is a copy of our incorporation.

Incorporation Certification title is finally here.

Incorporation Certification title is finally here.









Now we will be able to go for the bigger online grants. All men’s sheds should be incorporated, if you don’t have your incorporation certification you will be limited to what you can apply for in the way of online grants.  Being incorporated means you can enter into licences with local councils and other groups. It will show you are responsible in the community and the likely hood of any people being sued in your men’s shed will not happen. If you are unincorporated and somebody got food poisoning at a local men’s shed barbecue then solicitors for the person suing can target the the most wealth member of your group.

If you are in NSW you will need to apply to the Department of Fair Trade for your application to be sent off to Bathurst to be completed. This has just changed recently, you use to be able to pay over the counter and the certification was printed out on the spot for your incorporation certification. There are over 871 men’s sheds in Australia and hardly any of them have incorporation certification. For NSW you can download the application form online or simply give them a call and they will post the forms out to you. The cost of the first registration can change from year to year and at the moment it is $163.00 to do an incorporation certification, then the yearly administration fee is about $49.00 a year there after. So there is no major drama being incorporation you will need to fill out a A 12 form each year and you will also need a constitution to submit to the NSW Department of Fair Trade. You can find me on Google Plus.

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