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Mens Shed Communications Between Sheds

Men’s shed communications is very important to all Mens Sheds. The question is why is this so important, and the answer is simple. Online communications for Mens Sheds whether you belong to a national association or just a independent Men’s Shed. Here is why it is so important.

Using the online forum for Men’s Sheds is important, tell people about your Men’s Shed, what you do, when you meet, and how many days a week you are open, is all important information you want to get out there online. Sell yourself, let people know what you are all about. Advertise your up and coming events. Nobody else is going to do this for you.

Mens Shed Software Communications

Using software communications to talk to other Men’s Sheds is easy enough to do. Just download Skype and find other Mens Sheds on Skype to talk with. My personal skype address is bill.ray2575, you are welcome to call me or just text me if you install Skype. I am happy to share information, this is what they call networking.

Mens Shed Advertise Online

Advertise online for men’s sheds is easy to do, do a Google search for “free online advertising” and put your details into these websites, you need to have a full domain name to do this. Write an article about your Men’s Shed, go to places like PR Log and do a newspaper article on your Mens Shed, remember to always talk in the 3rd party when writing articles.

You can even go to EzineArticles and do articles about Mens Sheds. Make sure you do some of their online training videos before you write with them. They expect expert author material, and your writing skills need to be well polished. I am a expert author with them, but I have not bothered writing an articles with them on Mens Sheds. Here is my articles, I wanted a new relationship in my life, so I wrote about the topic, and yes my partner is a very lovely person. Target your audience, people want to read about Mens Sheds. Maybe I should do an article on EzineArticles, as you can see by my statistics on the site, it is easy to drive traffic to your targeted website.

Mens Shed Website Means Traffic Right

Just because you may have a website, this does not mean you will get traffic to it. You can tell people about your website and they will find it. The real traffic comes from advertising online. Get bumper stickers for your cars, so people will get to know about you. Do flier drops in your local area. Put up posters in the local shopping centre. Get business cards from Vista Print. Here is our card.


Mens Shed Our Business Card

Another handy hint is spiders don’t like Men’s Sheds they go for Mens Sheds, the apostrophe is not accepted by search engines, but are accepted in the pages. That is why the web address for this article is grammatically incorrect and I have used the wrong spelling in the pages a lot.

Linking to each others websites is very important, this is called reciprocal linking and gets you better ranking.

I don’t use web pages to do my articles for our Mens Shed, I prefer to use WordPress, why because it has all kinds of built in software to help our members write award winning pages and send those pages automatically to the spiders. I hope you found this article about men’s shed communications useful, that is what article writing is all about.

One last thing is if you run a website and don’t have a site map, then you can get one here, WordPress don’t need this, you can get a plugin to do the work for you.

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