minutes of the june meeting

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The Monthly Meeting was on the 7th JUNE 2013 at 10.00am

Those present were,   Scott Miller, Gordon Steele, Dave Corbett,

Errol Thompson, Barry Puxty, John Whelan, Max Mclellan, Bill Cook, Leo      Morgan, Micheal Murphy, Brian Hill, Noel Clarke, Brian Haworth,

John Fitness, and Brian Watson.

1  Apologizes.     Allan Lewis, John Morley and Adrian Cameron.

2  Read Minutes of last meeting.

3  Matters arising.

A The agreement with the NCC has been signed and returned, it will be in

    the filing cabinet if you wish to read it.

4  Treasures Report.

    The treasurer gave his report if you wish to see it, ask one of the committee. Gordon will be working on a budget plan, to find out the

    cost of running the shed, and also a predicted cost of the new shed.

5  Defibrillator.

    We have several quotes and will apply for a grant to buy one,

6  Internal audit report by Ken Dollin.

    Ken did a audit on how we might run the shed in a better way, we have

    taken note. If you wish to read it, and make a comment, a copy will be

    pinned to the notice board.

7  AMSA at Ballerat.

    The AMSA  are running a three ( 3) day National Conference in Ballerat

    on October 27th 28th and 29th at the Mercure Hotel Ballerat.

    If you wish to go, click on www.mensshed org, conference tab, if a flyer

    is available it will be on the notice board.

8  Mens Health Festival.

    This event is held on 12th June  at 10am to 2pm at the Ethnic Community

    Council 2a Platt St Waratah. A flyer will be on the notice board.

9  Spring Market.

    The event will be held on August 31st  or September 7th watch this space.

    Please give Barry some help to organise this event.

10  COTA.

      This organisation wishes to give a talk on Home and Community Care,

      will organise a visit on a Friday before the BBQ start at 10am.

11  New Shirts and Hats.

      Robert Crawford Real Estate and Micheal Redpaths Chemist from the 

      Elermore Vale Shopping Centre, have offered to subsidised new shirts

      and hats which is great news, If you want one, name on notice board,

      cost not worked out yet.

12  Letter EVCC.

      A letter will be sent to the EVCC Committee regarding the Work for the

      Dole lads, some guys are using tools unsafely and helping themselves to

      tools and materials without asking first.

      The letter asks that the WFTD be instructed to ask permission to use

      tools and materials, also any electrical tool work in the shed is done

      by a shed member copy of letter on the notice board.

13  Visits

      It has been suggested we visit other sheds, as we had a visit from

      Raymond Terrace Men’s Shed of 40 members. Any ideas for visits let us


Meeting closed at 11.30am.

Next meeting July 5th AT 10 00 am.

BBQ after the meeting.

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