Monthly Update – Men’s Shed Activity

Posted by Dave Corbett on April 1, 2012
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Monthly Update – What IS Going On.

We have collected the dolls house from the mc caffety child care centre, hopefully we can restore and carry out needed repairs then a paint job will see it delivered back to the children like new.

Monthly Update April 2012, sees use with our chairman Dave Corbett going on holidays and he will be away for about 7 weeks on and off. Allan Lewis as vice chairman has taken over the chairman position while Dave is away. Our garden beds are almost completed, and work on the gazebo and arch ways is progressing well. More members calling in to help, could get all this finished in the next few weeks.

Our mowing activities are going well, and we are always on the lookout for more volunteers to mow the lawns for the elderly and disabled.

Don’t forget the monthly meeting  Wednesday night at 7.00pm on the 9th May . You need to come along to the meeting to find out what has been going on, and find out what is planed for the month, not all things are posted in the monthly updates.

The painting around the out side of our buildings is going well. Our new ABN was approved in record time, and our DGR status will follow shortly, hopefully we will get funding to buy a mini bus to transport the elderly to functions more often. I know you all think I am going around the bend, but we have got to start somewhere. The Community Centre can do with our support more, as we all know, how much the management committee have been there for us.

The dance on Friday went down really well, for all those chickens that would not go! Dave Corbett danced up a storm and Dennis who helped co-ordinate it all had a really good time. We had a Tap Dance demonstration, a section on a Spanish theme, the band was really good, and there where heaps of people up dancing, we certainly earned our morning tea and lunch. Anyway maybe more about the function from the Community Centre website.

The website has a few new features added to it. Colourised links and you can now get update on the site by either clicking on the subscribe to posts, or register with us to get the latest pages e-mailed to you, it is all automatic.

That is for the Monthly Update! See you at the meeting, heaps of other things to discuss!

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