New Version Internet Launched

Posted by Dave Corbett on June 8, 2012 as

New Version Internet Launched June

New version Internet has been launched on June 6th, I should say larger version, I found the news mind-boggling and wanted to share the news with our Men’s Shed. I am showing my age, people keep asking me how big is the Internet and I would reply about 2 billion web address’s, I think I am showing my age a bit. This Video explains what happened 2 days ago. It blew me away. and has changed my thinking style a lot.


I think I had better change how I present our website to not just other Men’s Sheds, but all browser users. IP version 4 ceased to exist on June 6th 2012 and IP version 6 has now launched with the ability to serve 3 trillion, trillion, trillion web addresses. I hat to watch the video to comprehend the size of this figure. So the new version Internet is now serving all sorts of devices, not just browsers and mobile phones.

Have you upgraded your website with the new technology, we have access for mobile phones, but I think I better improve the access, so more visitors can access the the new version Internet access. I better go polish up on this expansion and allow easier access for all those needing to get online with what ever device they are using. Our website does allow access for the mobile phones but I have not yet turned it on for Android users. I will get all the information together and make it easier for the devices to get access to our site. Don’t forget to watch the video, how big is the Internet 340,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 web address’s. So you blokes down at the shed can stop asking the question of how big is the Internet. I think there is a bit more room for a few new Men’s Sheds online. read this article on IPv6 from Wikipedia.

New version Internet Great Idea

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