Where Has All The News Gone

Posted by Dave Corbett on March 27, 2012
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Where Has All The News Gone

Well where has all the news gone, I have just been reminded not to reproduce news articles in verbatim form. I forgot about this. What is wrong with reproducing articles in our website. The answer is simple, but might amaze some members. If anybody reproduces an article then they are in breach of copyright, even if that website has a disclaimer for anybody to reproduce the material. I became aware of this problem when I noticed our website going backwards instead of forwards.

I started to ask questions in places that webmasters can get online support. The Internet is a very powerful piece of software, existing in main frames all over the world. There is one such website that will record every page that all websites write and can check the material produced with all the other websites. It is called Copyscape, and it is a very powerful website that can seek out any material that is reproduced.

So where has all the news gone, I deleted it, I will have to go to Google Webmasters tools and have the broken links removed. Serves me right for forgetting, I can do a review of News articles and supply a link to that article, this is considered acceptable, because my words are not the same on any other site. If you would still like to hear about other Men’s Sheds, please let me know and I will start to do reviews on note worthy articles that are on-line.

News has to be informative and an original piece of work, a website does not really  need to have a copyright page, simply as soon as I hit publish, it is time stamped and dated, in the system, so if anybody  wants to copy our pages, I don’t give you permission, and if you do, all your traffic will start to fade away.


Here is a video from Copyscape, it explains it all well.


We should start to index forward now, I am very competitive about our website and so that is where has all the news gone.

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