Woodturning Classes Monday

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Woodturning Classes At The Shed

Scotty trying his hand at woodturning

Scotty trying his hand at woodturning

Woodturning Classes at the shed will begin on Monday 14th of May. Gordon Steele our Treasurer is a qualified wood turner and has a small group of us interested in learning how to make things on our newly donated lathe. Gordon has had many years of woodturning experience and plans to show us the basics of using the lathe. There are many safety tips to learn, especially from the woodturning classes. Techniques on how do different things work will be taught, here is an article on woodturning that you can read, to help improve us.

I will add a few videos for you to watch, on woodturning. using power tools like a wood lathe, need to be used with complete safety practice.

Good video on safety techniques. Come along to the woodturning classes or contact Gordon Steele for another time to get some lessons on using the woodturning machinery.

Here is another video by Teen Wood Turner on how to make an egg cup on a woodturning lathe.

You can make many things on a wood lathe but knowing the correct techniques to do this is best taught to you by a professional. So come on down to the shed, get to know Gordon Steele and get involved with one of our mentoring programmes and learn how to make different objects on our woodturning lathe. Gordon will start by teaching you safety tips and how to make a simple wooden bowl.

If you are interested in joining our group of men down at our local shed, then contact us, or simply drop in for a cuppa and a chat, we are a friendly group of men that do community work for our local community and this is just one of the many projects that we have going on at our shed. Woodturning Classes are great for everybody.

Update 17/05/2012

The Australian Men's Shed Association logoAustralian Men’s Shed Association has just got a donation of a million dollars worth of Cabot’s Premium Wood Care products, we have our request in and hope to get about 40 litres of various wood stains for our woodworking activities. As we all know Cabot’s wood stains a second to none other, I have used their products in the past to stain a wooden deck and it looked fantastic, people thought I got professionals to do the job. More on the Cabot’s products as we get the news from the AMSA. All Men’s Sheds stand to gain from this really good donation.

Cabot wood stains are really touch!


Don’t forget to see Gordon Steele if you want to learn how to make a wall clock, or learn how to safely use our wood lathe.

Update 23/05/2012

The woodturning classes are going well, Gordon Steele was showing some of our members how to make spinning tops yesterday. Gordon has a beautiful clock made out of Camphor Laurel trees on display in the Elermore Community Centre office.  It is sitting on the front counter as a display, the cost is $28.00 to buy and when we can get the wood stains, they will come in a variety of different finishes.  I will be queuing up to buy one of the clocks. I will add a photo here and ask Gordon to put more details about the wooden clock here, later in the week.

Update 25/05/2012

Woodturning Training Program

The woodturning program classes are going well. Main classes are on Monday mornings with Gordon Steele. Here is a lovely wooden clock on display in the Elermore Vale Community Centre!


wood cloock Gordon Steele made

This wooden clock was made by Gordon Steele and will sell for $28.00

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  • Margaret says:

    How excited I was to see you hold woodturning classes at the Men’s Shed!

    Why am I excited? We have a lot of Camphor Laurel trees which we have had felled, cut into woodturning length pieces and waiting for pick up. The house is in North Lambton.

    If you have storage capacity and need some large (or not so large) pieces, please give me a call.

  • Bill Ray says:

    Thank you for replying and offering the generous donation, somebody will be in touch very soon. We omitted your phone number and kept it safe to maintain your privacy.

  • Allan Lewis says:

    Scotty and myself would like to personally thank Gordon for giving his time to teaching us the vital skills for basic wood turning, Scotty has enjoyed the opportunity to learn a different skill and i cant wait until i get the chance to have a go thanks again Gordon.

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