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Our Wish List For The Men’s Shed

Our wish list for the men’s shed is not all that big,the Mens Shed is always looking for in-kind contributions, to help keep us going. We need all sort of different things for our wish list and if you can help out it would be good. If you are a member of the public, any support is welcome. We are always looking for any corporate support, even small companies helping us out is great. We have received a few donations from deceased estates and we accept any support for our Men’s Shed. We have created this page because we do need the community support to keep going with our community projects. Our funding is very low at the moment, and any support to help us do our community projects, would be gratefully accepted.

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We do lots of projects for our local schools and even the hospitals. Everybody can consider our doors open for a chat and a cuppa and talk about our wish list, or anything else that you would like to talk to use about.

Our ABN 26 176 420 728 is updated and we can give tax receipts that can be submitted to the tax department.

  • Wood thicknesser ( Wood Planer )
  • Rubber conveyor belt for our floor in the shed.
  • Plant seed for our gardens. Flowers and vegetables. ( when we complete the gardens up top )
  • Out side furniture
  • A couple of hand saws for.
  • Nuts and bolts, screws of all kinds.
  • Paver’s for the garden area.
  • A computer for our shed would be good.
  • Need a Metal turning lathe. The one we have needs fixing and a donation of a good metal lathe would be very appreciated.
  • Tools for the shed ( any and varied ).
  • Hammer handles.
  • Wood turning tools. We need more of them!
  • Lengths of ridge capping for both sheds.
  • Safety portable power outlet.
  • Pipe wrenches.
  • Graphics for our website, logo, banner, and humorous ones for the pages. Even a good Favicon, so we can be more appealing to our local donors and better presentation for our online grant applications.
  • Shades or blinds for the new shed windows.
  • Jig saw blades ( two types required ) To help make those articles that we make to sell and put the funding into our community activities.
  • Need a good front page, I am no good at CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) I suddenly realised that, the front page is used on some of our external links, so I dressed it up a bit.
  • Security mesh for the three windows in the top shed.
  • Steel off cuts ( to teach members basic arc welding).
  • Heavy duty vice.
  • Refrigerator for our shed, the old one is looking poorly.
  • Ride On Mower to do all those lawns for our seniors, so they can stay at home longer, instead of being put in to a retirement village prematurely. We also help do lawns for the disabled, many people have disabilities and can’t mow their lawns.
  • Honda self-propelled lawn mower to get around those small lawns quicker, keep all the need at home longer.
  • Mini Bus with chair lifter to transport elderly and disabled people out to functions.
  • DVD’s to train members how to use our equipment.
  • Drop saw to cut metal with. ( Not 3 phase )
  • Drop saw and pull through action to cut wood with.
  • A mill drill to do our metal work jobbing activities.
  • A vehicle preferably a ute to go out and do our community project in.
  • A new trailer would be good, we got an old one and it gets a work out.
  • A hedge trimmer, so we can do the seniors gardens easier.
  • Need a router and table for it. The one we have does not have enough depth on it.
  • Financial donations to help keep our community projects going.
  • We need a quite few truckloads of good top soil for our community gardens adjacent to the car park .
We have many more needs, to assist in our community projects and we could do with lots of things for our wish list. Anybody who gives a donation of goods of money will be placed in our sponsors page if you have an online business, and any money donated is tax-deductible for our wish list. Here a link for Athy Men’s Shed in Ireland, they have a good wish list.

We have a very good garden at our Mens Shed, and it is always needing bits and pieces for our wish list. We will try to grow some flowers for mother’s day and sell them. Don’t forget to get in touch! Our wish list seems to be growing, and the demands from our local community continues to grow. We get donations from deceased estates and this helps us with our wish list. We appreciate the people that have just dropped in and given us both money and hardware donations for our men’s shed.

If you would like to make a donation for our shed, you can do so at PayPal, and then come back here to our wish list.


Just get our details from Contact Us and get in touch!

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  • Allan Lewis says:

    All looking good Dave hope we get some more guys to log in and comment still all new to us old guys ( rather, us guys getting older ) once it catches on all will be better
    regards Alspal

  • Allan Lewis says:

    So many thanks must go to Bill Ray for spending so much time and effort in getting our Blog up to scratch and giving us a voice on the internet we must be the envy of a lot of men’s sheds so thanks again Bill ” great stuff “

  • Bill Ray says:

    Thanks for the comments Allan, our site is going well. I need to find a few jobs, to do down at the shed, having a bad back makes it hard, because I can’t bend very well.

    Oh well at least I have fun, doing the back office things for this site.

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