Every Man Needs A Shed

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Every Man Needs A Shed – Why

Every Man Needs A Shed, why do men need a shed, or to be precise, a Men’s Shed, It is a place to unwind and talk shoulder to shoulder with other men. Your life style might have change,d and you use to go to work ,and you where able to talk to other men about different things. Then retirement came along, and your working days are over. It is a known fact, that mens health issues can increase, shortly after retirement from work, they can have an increase of many problems, ranging from hearing issues to diabetes, and relationship problems, that may have started to develop because you are no longer at work, and you feel like you are at a loss because you have nothing to do. This is where the National body comes into the picture, and the rapidly growing amount of Men’s Sheds that are starting to form all over Australia. Read the rest…

Seniors Week At The Shed

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Seniors Week At Our Men’s Shed

Seniors Week is upon us, again with lots of activities planned around the Newcastle Region. Our shed here at Elermore Vale Men’s Shed, are holding a BBQ for senior citizens, and it will be all hands on deck. There will be a number of organisations coming to the Community Centre to see our gardens, the mens shed and see Tai Chi and find out what it is all about. Our shed will be up and ready to receive members of the public, from all walks of life who are wanting to call in and have morning tea and a BBQ lunch with the Men’s Shed.
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Wallsend Winter Carnivale – 2012

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Wallsend Winter Carnivale – Activity

Wallsend Winter Carnivale this year will be held in August,  Our Men’s Shed will be holding a stall at the Wallsend Winter Carnivale (  Also known as Wallsend Winter Fair ) this year. At our stall we will have flyers that will give people a better understanding of what we do for our community. You will be able to ask questions about Men’s Sheds and what we they are all about.
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Social Networking – Men’s Sheds

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Social Networking What Is it all About

Social networking for online business’s is a must have, if you belong to a Men’s Shed or any other business for that matter. Getting your business noticed online is of extreme importance to you. It’s of paramount importance that you get exposure online. The two most easiest ways of doing this is use, Facebook and Twitter. They both have high volume traffic and both are very secure for your business to use.

Some time back Facebook was in the news media about how public figures were being attacked, and was causing a lot of problems for them on Facebook. Those days have long gone, and both Facebook and Twitter have major upgrades to their systems to prevent any hacking problems from happening again. Read the rest…

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Essential Tools – Online Men’s Sheds

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Essential Tools For Men’s Sheds

Get our toolbar!
Essential tools and what are they for Men’s Sheds. For most of these tools you will need a Gmail account. There are a number of tools that you can use for your online Men’s Shed. Here are a few of them:-

  1. Are you looking for articles to write about and you have searched all over the place. Stop doing that and go to Google Alerts, Google will then send you articles on the topic you are searching for. This is one of the essential tools you can use.
  2. If you use WordPress, like we do, it will give you statistics on your site. We know how many visitors we have had each day, just by logging into our back office. There is a better piece of software, that will show you more accurate information and it is called Google Analytics. This is another great essential tools for your Web-mastering, resource package. It tells you how many visited you and where they came from, what pages they went to and how long they stayed for. so do I know how much traffic we get everyday, you better believe it.

Men’s Shed Forum – Where Are They

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Men’s Shed Forum – The Shed Online

Men’s Shed forum, the best forum in Australia would have to be at The Shed Online. This Men’s Shed Forum have lots of members from all over Australia and is a very active forum. So if you are looking for a good forum, then this is the place to go. I could build a forum, but why try to re-invent the wheel. The Shed Online has the best forum, very user-friendly, and easy to read. Very easy to navigate around the forum. There are lots of topics and if you can’t find a topic, just create one.

What sort of topics are covered in this forum? Here is a list of topics:-

  • Fix It and DIY
  • General
  • Hobbies and Interests

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Get Online Easy – How To For Men’s Sheds

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Get Online Easy For Men’s Sheds

Get online easy, it has only become clear to me that buying a domain name and joining a web host company to get a free WordPress blog of website, can be very challenging for some people. It does not matter whether you are building a site for Men’s Sheds or just for your own personal use. The only difference is that personal use, you need to buy a online web hosting package and Men’s Sheds in Australia can get a free package with Web Host Australia.  If you are building a sit for your self contact me and I will be happy to talk or e-mail you some advice for free, but with unlike non profits I do charge a very low rate for private installs.
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What Is A Browser

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What Is A Browser For The Men’s Shed

What is a browse all about, how to use our version of WordPress, and how to use a browser, I wrote this post to explain these ideas to our members at the Mens Shed, if you are not a member of Elermore Vale Men’s Shed, then you may still find this article interesting, because I am going to give a lot of examples, on this WordPress template, which is known as Atahualpa, and how to use a browser, and I will leave links to more technical things all over this post. I will go around giving you an explanation of what is everything you can see on the monitor, for those who are new to using the Internet to get information, and for the more advanced users as well. Read the rest…

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All About Our WordPress

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All About Our WordPress For The Men’s Shed

All about our WordPress, It only dawned on me the other day when I visited Dave Corbett ( Chairman ) of our Mens Shed, Elermore Vale Men’s Shed, that not everybody is use to navigating their way around the front of WordPress, so I am going to explain what everything you can see, while you are reading this. You can hit the back arrow if you click on the links in this page. Top of the site is all our pages, they have lots of information in them, and they are :- Read the rest…

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Minutes For March

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Minutes For March 2012 Elermore Vale Men’s Shed

A meeting was held at the Elermore Vale Men’s Shed on  7th March AT 7 pm.

Minutes from meeting .

Before the meeting started Darryl Lewis gave a 30 minute talk on safety in the shed
and home, he touched on electrics e.g. safety switches, extensions leads, tagging
and keeping a register of the tags.

Asbestos was the next subject, use caution when working with it, a P2 face mask
must be worn and damped the area when drilling or cutting the area.
Darryl also talked about various planning laws including the new roof guttering

The meeting thanked Darryl for his interesting talk, and he offered to help with his
cousin with the setup of the Band Saw when it arrives.

1 Read minutes of last meeting. Read the rest…

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