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donations are money that people and companies give to our charity, to help support our community projects.

Join Our Shed Now

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Join Our Shed For Men

Why join our shed, men from all walks of life are joining mens sheds all over the country. Socialising with other blokes is what the new trend is recommending. You can go down to your local men’s shed and have a cuppa and a chat. Men retiring from the work force tend to lose all their mates from work and need to go down to one of the local sheds and join in on the activities of a local men’s shed.

Retired Join Our Shed For activities

Join our shed now

Come on in and join our shed.

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Looking For Company Sponsorship

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Looking For Company Sponsorship For Shed

We are looking for company sponsorship for our Men’s Shed, we are a registered charity with full DGR certification. Our Australian Business registration number ABN 26 176 420 728  and we are classed as a Charitable Institution. This means any company sponsorship is tax deductible. We need funding to keep our community projects going, we do charity work for our local schools and child care centres as well as support for men in retirement villages that need our support to help them set up with activities for their places that they live in. We are about to take on a support role where men who have early stage dementia and early stage Alzheimer’s can come along to our shed and do activities with us.
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Charity Donation

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Charity Donation Appeal

Charity donation appeal for our community projects, help to support our charity and donate to our Men’s Shed. We are looking for company sponsors and members of the community to give us a charity donation for our shed. We do all kinds of charitable things for our community. We fix things for the elderly and help the disabled when they need something repaired or installed. If you have no family support then that is where we come into help support those that are needy. Our organisation also does community support in our shed with mentoring men who mens health issues, everything from depression to men recovering after a stroke. We are supportive of each other. We have many men who are qualified tradesmen and they show the other men how to do things. All donations over $2.00 in Australia is tax deductible. To be honest I am not sure about other countries polices are on donating to an Australian non profit charity. Read the rest…

Seniors Week At The Shed

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Seniors Week At Our Men’s Shed

Seniors Week is upon us, again with lots of activities planned around the Newcastle Region. Our shed here at Elermore Vale Men’s Shed, are holding a BBQ for senior citizens, and it will be all hands on deck. There will be a number of organisations coming to the Community Centre to see our gardens, the mens shed and see Tai Chi and find out what it is all about. Our shed will be up and ready to receive members of the public, from all walks of life who are wanting to call in and have morning tea and a BBQ lunch with the Men’s Shed.
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Wallsend Winter Carnivale – 2012

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Wallsend Winter Carnivale – Activity

Wallsend Winter Carnivale this year will be held in August,  Our Men’s Shed will be holding a stall at the Wallsend Winter Carnivale (  Also known as Wallsend Winter Fair ) this year. At our stall we will have flyers that will give people a better understanding of what we do for our community. You will be able to ask questions about Men’s Sheds and what we they are all about.
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Men’s Sheds – Are They For You

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Men’s Sheds Are All Over The world!

Men’s Sheds – Are they for you, the answer is more than likely yes! Men work all their lives and suddenly they are retired from the workforce. Whether it is by design or by accident, you have suddenly stopped working, you where very use to getting up 5 days a week and going to work. Many men find that they don’t cope very well, with suddenly lots of time on their hand, and sometimes depression can sneak up on them.

This is where Men’s Sheds can help you. They  have lots of activities to do and lots of good friends to be made, check out what do we do in our shed and see what we are up to. Men’s Sheds have taken off all over the world, here is one article from the United Kingdom, about Men In Sheds. Another media presentation about men in sheds and mens needs, is shown in this video.
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