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Get Online Easy – How To For Men’s Sheds

Posted by Dave Corbett on March 11, 2012 with No Comments as , ,

Get Online Easy For Men’s Sheds

Get online easy, it has only become clear to me that buying a domain name and joining a web host company to get a free WordPress blog of website, can be very challenging for some people. It does not matter whether you are building a site for Men’s Sheds or just for your own personal use. The only difference is that personal use, you need to buy a online web hosting package and Men’s Sheds in Australia can get a free package with Web Host Australia.  If you are building a sit for your self contact me and I will be happy to talk or e-mail you some advice for free, but with unlike non profits I do charge a very low rate for private installs.
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What Is A Browser

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What Is A Browser For The Men’s Shed

What is a browse all about, how to use our version of WordPress, and how to use a browser, I wrote this post to explain these ideas to our members at the Mens Shed, if you are not a member of Elermore Vale Men’s Shed, then you may still find this article interesting, because I am going to give a lot of examples, on this WordPress template, which is known as Atahualpa, and how to use a browser, and I will leave links to more technical things all over this post. I will go around giving you an explanation of what is everything you can see on the monitor, for those who are new to using the Internet to get information, and for the more advanced users as well. Read the rest…

All About Our WordPress

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All About Our WordPress For The Men’s Shed

All about our WordPress, It only dawned on me the other day when I visited Dave Corbett ( Chairman ) of our Mens Shed, Elermore Vale Men’s Shed, that not everybody is use to navigating their way around the front of WordPress, so I am going to explain what everything you can see, while you are reading this. You can hit the back arrow if you click on the links in this page. Top of the site is all our pages, they have lots of information in them, and they are :- Read the rest…