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A place where men meet, to simply have a chat or come along to help do community projects both in the shed and in our local community.

Barbeques – Fridays

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Barbeques – Fridays A Success

Barbeques Fridays has been declared a success, and we are planning a lunch time barbeques every Friday at lunch time. Drew one of our members said it was a great idea to hold one every week, all work and no play does make us a bit boring. Mr Gary Rose from the Blue Gum Hills Mens Shed joined us for lunch on Friday and we invited him to come back again and bring other members from their Men’s Shed next time he came over to see us. It was suggested by Gary that we attend their next market day and we will bring this up at our next monthly meeting.
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Woodturning Classes Monday

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Woodturning Classes At The Shed

Scotty trying his hand at woodturning

Scotty trying his hand at woodturning

Woodturning Classes at the shed will begin on Monday 14th of May. Gordon Steele our Treasurer is a qualified wood turner and has a small group of us interested in learning how to make things on our newly donated lathe. Gordon has had many years of woodturning experience and plans to show us the basics of using the lathe. There are many safety tips to learn, especially from the woodturning classes. Techniques on how do different things work will be taught, here is an article on woodturning that you can read, to help improve us.

I will add a few videos for you to watch, on woodturning. using power tools like a wood lathe, need to be used with complete safety practice.
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Mental Health Problems

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Mental Health Problems In Men

Mental health problems in men can be different than those that women can suffer with. More mature aged men may have worked for the past forty  to fifty years and suddenly, they reach retirement age and they stop work. For the next few months everything may seem alright, they get stuck in and catch on the jobs around the house and all seems well. They may even have a strong network of friends and acquaintances, and this is a very good thing. Then suddenly he starts to feel a bit down and it seems harder to get out of bed, and no matter how much he sleeps, he still feels tired all the time. Does all of this sound all to familiar. He may have a good relationship with a with a wife or partner, and his patients seems a bit short, yet he loves her very much. Read the rest…

Every Man Needs A Shed

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Every Man Needs A Shed – Why

Every Man Needs A Shed, why do men need a shed, or to be precise, a Men’s Shed, It is a place to unwind and talk shoulder to shoulder with other men. Your life style might have change,d and you use to go to work ,and you where able to talk to other men about different things. Then retirement came along, and your working days are over. It is a known fact, that mens health issues can increase, shortly after retirement from work, they can have an increase of many problems, ranging from hearing issues to diabetes, and relationship problems, that may have started to develop because you are no longer at work, and you feel like you are at a loss because you have nothing to do. This is where the National body comes into the picture, and the rapidly growing amount of Men’s Sheds that are starting to form all over Australia. Read the rest…

Seniors Week At The Shed

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Seniors Week At Our Men’s Shed

Seniors Week is upon us, again with lots of activities planned around the Newcastle Region. Our shed here at Elermore Vale Men’s Shed, are holding a BBQ for senior citizens, and it will be all hands on deck. There will be a number of organisations coming to the Community Centre to see our gardens, the mens shed and see Tai Chi and find out what it is all about. Our shed will be up and ready to receive members of the public, from all walks of life who are wanting to call in and have morning tea and a BBQ lunch with the Men’s Shed.
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Social Networking – Men’s Sheds

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Social Networking What Is it all About

Social networking for online business’s is a must have, if you belong to a Men’s Shed or any other business for that matter. Getting your business noticed online is of extreme importance to you. It’s of paramount importance that you get exposure online. The two most easiest ways of doing this is use, Facebook and Twitter. They both have high volume traffic and both are very secure for your business to use.

Some time back Facebook was in the news media about how public figures were being attacked, and was causing a lot of problems for them on Facebook. Those days have long gone, and both Facebook and Twitter have major upgrades to their systems to prevent any hacking problems from happening again. Read the rest…

Men’s Shed Forum – Where Are They

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Men’s Shed Forum – The Shed Online

Men’s Shed forum, the best forum in Australia would have to be at The Shed Online. This Men’s Shed Forum have lots of members from all over Australia and is a very active forum. So if you are looking for a good forum, then this is the place to go. I could build a forum, but why try to re-invent the wheel. The Shed Online has the best forum, very user-friendly, and easy to read. Very easy to navigate around the forum. There are lots of topics and if you can’t find a topic, just create one.

What sort of topics are covered in this forum? Here is a list of topics:-

  • Fix It and DIY
  • General
  • Hobbies and Interests

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Get Online Easy – How To For Men’s Sheds

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Get Online Easy For Men’s Sheds

Get online easy, it has only become clear to me that buying a domain name and joining a web host company to get a free WordPress blog of website, can be very challenging for some people. It does not matter whether you are building a site for Men’s Sheds or just for your own personal use. The only difference is that personal use, you need to buy a online web hosting package and Men’s Sheds in Australia can get a free package with Web Host Australia.  If you are building a sit for your self contact me and I will be happy to talk or e-mail you some advice for free, but with unlike non profits I do charge a very low rate for private installs.
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All About Our WordPress

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All About Our WordPress For The Men’s Shed

All about our WordPress, It only dawned on me the other day when I visited Dave Corbett ( Chairman ) of our Mens Shed, Elermore Vale Men’s Shed, that not everybody is use to navigating their way around the front of WordPress, so I am going to explain what everything you can see, while you are reading this. You can hit the back arrow if you click on the links in this page. Top of the site is all our pages, they have lots of information in them, and they are :- Read the rest…

Elermore Vale Community Centre

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Elermore Vale Community Centre – Who Are They

Elermore Vale Community Centre have been a great help for our shed. They have provided a place for us to put our sheds, and they take messages for us, Elermore Vale Community Centre do lots of work for community, Neighbour Aid  (02) 4951 8083 hold their meetings in the Centre, and run functions for the elderly in the Centre. To see all the activities at Elermore Vale Community Centre go to the link.
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