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A place where men meet, to simply have a chat or come along to help do community projects both in the shed and in our local community.

Men’s Sheds – Are They For You

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Men’s Sheds Are All Over The world!

Men’s Sheds – Are they for you, the answer is more than likely yes! Men work all their lives and suddenly they are retired from the workforce. Whether it is by design or by accident, you have suddenly stopped working, you where very use to getting up 5 days a week and going to work. Many men find that they don’t cope very well, with suddenly lots of time on their hand, and sometimes depression can sneak up on them.

This is where Men’s Sheds can help you. They  have lots of activities to do and lots of good friends to be made, check out what do we do in our shed and see what we are up to. Men’s Sheds have taken off all over the world, here is one article from the United Kingdom, about Men In Sheds. Another media presentation about men in sheds and mens needs, is shown in this video.
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Men’s Shed Elermore Vale Launches

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Our new blog site called Men’s Shed Elermore Vale has been launched today!

We are looking for new members to join our shed, and we are always in need of donations for our community projects. Our current projects are:-

  • Making bird feeders
  • Making bird nesting boxes
  • Making wind chimes
  • repairing and re-rejuvenating  garden seat benches
  • Repairing children’s toys
  • Garden chores ( Weeding, planting, mulching etc )
  • Ongoing member recruitment ( Call in and see us! )
  • Several home projects.

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