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Gardening Services

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Gardening Services – Our Shed

Gardening services for our shed is there for the elderly and disabled. We need to point out that we do not do this for any person . Only if you have no family support or lack of finance do we come out on a once off to help you with the mowing. Sorry about this but our service is run by volunteers and we don’t try to compete or deprive our local companies of any work. If you have family that can do your lawn or can afford to pay to get it done, then we are not available to help you out. Being a non-profit charity we hope to get a small donation for the help we offer but it is not compulsory.
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New Plants In Garden

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New Plants In The Garden

New plants have been put in the garden, I like the camellia bushes, there are many different colours planted all in a row, we have a lot of those in the new garden beds. We have many varieties of plants in the garden bed, members and visitors are welcome to come and look at the new plants and work in our community garden.

There are even native trees to planted in the bed, so come along and see all the new garden beds and plants. There are water features and a bird bath as well.
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