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Community Project Activities That We Do

Community Project Activities, is something that we need to make our local community at Elermore Vale more aware of. Our external activities are many and varied, and we cover a multitude of topics. If you would like to take part in offering us a project to consider, please feel free to contact us, so we can consider your offer and discuss it with our members at our next meeting ( Wed 4th April )

Here is a picture of our Chairman Dave Corbett.


Picture of Dave Corbett our Chairman!

Dave Corbett is keen to get behind all of our community project activities.


Elermore Vale Men’s Shed has a few short-term community project activities on the go at the moment!  To give you a better  idea of what we do for our Community Project Activities, we are planning to build a chicken run for one of our local schools. We have also be made an offer to repair a very loved dolls house for a local child care centre.

Community Project Activities Outlined

Another project we have in the makings, is a mentoring project to help 15 men from one of our local Nursing homes. Bill Ray ( that is me ) – I am keen to see this project get off the ground and either have these men come to our shed to get involved with all of our activities, available in our Men’s Shed, or set-up a shed for them at the retirement village. Being a retired nurse I am keen to see them get this activity up and going and can understand where the men’s needs are at. This would be a very big boost in moral for these elderly men.

Another one of our community project activities is a stall at this years Winter Fair Wallsend. At the stall we plan on handing out flyers to the public to let them know what we are all about, in our community project activities and we will be also seeking new members. We are still only a small group, but we get stuck in and get things done. You can find our latest article on the Wallsend Winter Carnivale here. The Winter Wallsend Fair, had over 35,000 people at it last year.

Our mowing and weeding activities for the elderly and those in need, are apart of our community project activities. We only have poor quality equipment and hope to raise finding for a new ride on mower and self-propelled Honda mower. This would mean that we could get more lawns mowed for senior citizens and those in need.

Our current project with Hunter Community College is well under way!

Update 01/05/2012

Dolls House Community Project Activities

The doll’s house repairs for Cambridge Hills pre school is well under way, we have taken the roof off and put an under coat on the doll’s house. Here is a photo of the doll’s house, not completed yet!

Dools House under repair






We hope to complete this community project soon.


Update 23/05/2012

The dolls house has been completed and sent back to the child care centre.  Here are a couple of before and after photo’s.

Dolls house before restoration was done

Dolls house ready to go, all done!

Big difference from start to finish, a big thank you, to all the blokes who took part in doing this community project for Cambridge Hills preschool, we hope they like the refurbishing of the children’s dolls house.

Update 28/06/2012

Here are some more pictures of the kids from Cambridge Hills Pre School playing with the doll’s house, good to see them with a much-loved toy.

Happy children enjoying the refurbished dolls houseAnother Happy child, playing in the dolls houseLooks like it is a big success at the dolls house


We hope they get lots of fun out of the dolls house. Another one of our community activities.

Woodlands Men’s Shed

The Woodlands Retirement Village project to get their Men’s Shed up and going is going well, they have us going to morning tea tomorrow to show us how they have been going. Their community project activities will include a raised garden bed for them to work on. We will see what kind of support they may need from us tomorrow.

South Wallsend Public School

The chicken run has been finished and ready for when the kids return to school. They may need more extensions done when they get the finance to extend the run further. If we had more funding we could help them out, but our financial support is not very strong at the moment.

Here are some pictures of the 2 members that did the chicken run.

Bill Budden working in the chook run.

Bill Budden working in the chook run.









Wallsend South Primary School gets an add on for chicken run.

Joe adding the finishing touches

 Maryland Child Care and Early Education Centre

Maryland Child Care and Early Education Centre has asked us to help restore their much loved boat that the children play in when they are outside playing in the yard.  They have also asked us to build a couple of storage cupboard for where the children can leave their bags when the come to the centre. Three men from our men’s shed went out there today to get measurements for fixing these things up. Joe, Bill and Drew from the shed have taken an active interest in getting these community project activities done for the centre. Here is their website.

Community Cottage Repairs – Community Project Activities

Sometimes we will go out into the community and do repairs for community cottages, things like, repair their bird cages, put new dowel pegs in the birds cages, and include a bird box. We have even had wardrobes donated to the men’s shed and we have taken them out to some of the community cottages and installed them, all at no cost to them. This is just another one of the community project activities that we do.

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