How To Request Project Support

Request Project Support From Our Shed

Request project support to be done by our men’s shed all you need to do is either ring us and talk it over or send us a e-mail and we will be in contact with you. Please be patient we have a few community projects under way at the moment and we will be gladly available to assist you as soon as we can.

request project support Changing a light bulb

Can be shocking, get an electrician!

Who Can Apply For Community Projects

The following people and groups can request a project support service from us.

  • If you are a pensioner or disabled person who has no family support and need repairs done around your  home, then you are welcome to apply for community support. There is no age limit on pensioners, or the disabled who need to request project support.
  • Any non profit charity can apply for support from us, these include schools, community centres, neighbour centre, child care centres of all kinds, retirement villages and hospitals. This is not a full list of non profits that can ask for our support. We are not incorporated as yet, but hope to be very soon. When Incorporated we will take on the task of offering our services to needy groups and we will sponsor them in seeking out grants for their projects. Once funded our men can come in and build, construct or repair what ever it you are in need of achieving. At this point in time we are a registered charity that seeks out those needing our support.

When Doing A Request Project Support Application What Can I apply For.

The list of requests we get are varying and I will only mention a few so as to give you some idea if you can apply. Better to call us and talk it over, sometimes we will go out of our guidelines if children are involved. You can also call the Australian Men’s Shed Association for a shed nearest you.

  • Schools can apply to get special projects done, raised garden beds install, chicken runs built, special equipment installed.
  • Child Care Centres have asked us to install bag lockers, repair playground equipment and if they need funding we can sometimes refer them onto other men’s sheds and institutions.
  • The frail aged, disabled and those who are needy, have asked us for many different kinds of support. Gardening is a popular one, and installing shade awnings. Some times they ask to have home repairs done and there are many different kinds of repairs we can do.
  • Retirement villages have approached us and we have built them workbenches and raised garden beds so residents can get out and do a bit of gardening.
  • Hospitals have asked us to refurbish outdoor furniture for them.

The list of items that you can ask us to help you with is almost endless. We are always looking for support form the community and volunteers of all kinds, tradies, carpenters, plumbers, joiners any kind of blokes looking for something to do.

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