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Join Our Shed For Men

Why join our shed, men from all walks of life are joining mens sheds all over the country. Socialising with other blokes is what the new trend is recommending. You can go down to your local men’s shed and have a cuppa and a chat. Men retiring from the work force tend to lose all their mates from work and need to go down to one of the local sheds and join in on the activities of a local men’s shed.

Retired Join Our Shed For activities

Join our shed now

Come on in and join our shed.

If you have recently retired from work and would like to have something to do then come and join our shed. We are located in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Elermore Vale to be precious. What you can do with us when you join our shed has lots of choices, you can get busy helping other men inn the shed, they do woodwork of many kinds. Wood Lathe work, get taught how to uses the band saw and cut out different shapes and put them together. You can get involved in doing things in the metal shop or you can get active in the many different community activities that we do. everything from building workbench for retirement villages to putting up a wooden deck for a local community centre.



Can I just Join And Chat

Yes you can just join our shed and socialise. Our men are busy and I am their secretary. I have a bad back and can’t do much without getting into a lot of pain. So what do I do, I get to know all the blokes, find out what they are all about, go out on community jobs as a moral support and then I come back and write about the activities they get up to. We have blokes in the shed who can’t do much to others that can do lots of things. We even have blokes who come down to the shed on a work for the dole program. Some are a bit cautious when they show up, but warm towards us because when they find out about how we do all kinds of different things, they quickly join in on our shed activities. They don’t have to be pushed in to do anything and they enjoy coming down to the shed each day.

How Can You Join Our Shed

Simple answer, come on down and have a cuppa and a chat, bloke talk shoulder to shoulder and not face to face. We are located at 129 Croudace Road Elermore vale, just keep an eye out for our flag flying in the wind.


We don’t give out application forms online, we like to have a chat. If you are too busy to come on down and meet us, fill out a form, then you are too busy to join our shed. If you would like to call us to do charity work for you or offer a donation, you can call the community centre office, we have an extension line nd they can  put you through to us. Phone 02 49514651 or go to our donations page and you can give us a donation via PayPal or directly to our bank.

If you are reading this and need to find a men’s shed near you go here.

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